Rest, money, sports, culture… Smile, it’s 2023!

If there are (almost) as many barometers of happiness as there are inhabitants of the Earth, rest is undoubtedly one of the sources of happiness. In this regard, we are generously served this year, as nine of the eleven public holidays fall on weekdays.

Even better: in this basket full of goodies, there are five Mondays (Easter, April 10?; May 1?; May 8?; Pentecost, May 29?; Christmas, December 25) and one Friday (the July 14) without a job. Enough to consider, for the lucky ones, up to six long weekends.

We hardly dare to add two potential bridges of four days – from May 18 to 21 for the Ascension, and from August 12 to 15 for the Assumption – at the risk of complete shamelessness.

Holidays, public holidays, long weekends… All you need to know about 2023 and 2024 calendars

Even though money can’t buy happiness…

In this new year that promises to still be tested for portfolios, inflation obliges, some clearings are still expected. The pay rate of Livret A, the preferred French investment, will drop to 3% from February 1. A level not reached since… 2009.

It will be sweeter for the People’s Savings Book (LEP), intended for low-income households, whose rate will rise above 6% on the same date. 2023 will also mark the definitive abolition of the housing tax, for those who are still paying it.

For others, help yourself, there will be something for everyone: from the return ofIndianaJones in the cinema, with the eternal Harrison Ford, at the Rugby World Cup in France, this autumn, going through the tours of Polnareff and Springsteen (separately). 2023, year of joy??

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Stephane Barnoin

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