Sale: Irresistible discount for these Vtech interactive games

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Stimulate your child with these interactive Vtech games

The sales never stop offering very attractive prices. Games and toys particularly benefit from deductions that cannot be denied. If you have a small child around you, keeping them motivated is a priority. And that goes through games that will develop his skills. Take advantage of these special promo days to offer him Vtech interactive games at Fnac.

1. Save $15 on this Vtech baby mama kangaroo educational game

Stuffed animals are one of the classic gifts we buy for a little one. Very soft, they assure him good nights and allow him to dream. But these are not necessarily the most exciting toys. Unless we upgrade it like this Vtech baby mama kangaroo educational game. Your child will be able to hug her while studying, the best combo for parents. It also benefits from a very attractive Fnac discount. Its price has dropped from €40.99 to €25. An impressive promotion of 39%. Don’t wait any longer to save €15 on this product.

Different game options to learn

Your child will make many discoveries with this Vtech baby mama kangaroo educational toy

Buy it educational game vtech baby mother kangaroo for 25 € on Amazon

Mama kangaroo love is confused, she lost her baby. He jumped up and down to find her. So he needs your son’s help. This one has no trouble finding the missing child and returning him to his mother. The poor man cried. Fortunately, the family is finally reunited! The baby finds its warm place in its mother’s belly. They can now walk around while jumping together. They are equipped with different play modes to stimulate your child.

If he presses the songs and melodies button, he can hear the two singing. The discovery option allows you to learn more about kangaroos and deepen your general culture. He will hear the sentences and know the emotions with the heart. But that’s not all. Shapes and colors won’t hold secrets for your little one either. A total of 50 sounds, phrases and melodies are available to him for maximum pleasure!

2. Unmissable 43% discount on this Vtech Tut Tut Animo super interactive farm game

Most children love animals. They want to have dozens of them to hug and care for all day long. Even if it means transforming your home into a real zoo. Instead of turning your interior into a menagerie, opt for a more mini format with the Vtech Tut Tut Animo super interactive farm game. Its really attractive promotion on Fnac should clearly tip the scales. The price has actually dropped from €34.99 to €20. A huge reduction of 43%. You will save about 15 €, the top of the top.

A very happy musical farm

Farm becomes a real musical in Vtech Tut Tut Animo super interactive farm game

Buy it Game vtech tut tut Animo super interactive farm at Fnac for 20 €

It’s morning, it’s time to take care of farm animals. Waking up very early in the morning is quite complicated for your little boy who is coming to help the farmer’s wife. It is on a tractor that you move to the barn. A hen and a donkey are waiting for you. A cow rests in a nearby building. Meanwhile, the cat is having fun on the straw swing hanging from the tree near the windmill. Let the work begin! To give heart to the work, the animals place themselves in places, and hop, funny sentences are uttered. Pressing the glowing buttons will trigger sounds, melodies and phrases. They allow to know the name of the animals and their characteristics. The best way to learn while having fun.

3. An interactive Vtech Peppa Pig ABC for under $15

When you’re young, there are basic skills to master. These are the basics that will allow them to develop and develop their skills. And like colors, numbers, shapes or even animals, the alphabet is part of it. It is by mastering this that they can learn to read. Introduce them from an early age with this interactive Vtech Peppa Pig ABC. You won’t be able to resist reducing it with Fnac. You can indeed be the proud owner for 14.53 € instead of 25.99 €. This product will be yours for less than 15 €.

Learn the alphabet while having fun

Your child will learn the alphabet in no time with this interactive Vtech Peppa Pig ABC

buy it interactive alphabet vtech Peppa Pork at €14.53 at Fnac

Learning letters is a real step in your child’s life. This study will allow him to progress well in his studies. But, instead of introducing her the classic school way, opt for this interactive Vtech Peppa Pig alphabet. So your child’s favorite pigs will serve as teachers. 26 buttons allow you to discover each letter. 4 modes are offered: ABC, words, music and research to develop your skills while having fun. Your child can take it anywhere thanks to the handle. Convenient!

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