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This January 16, make way for a rather special cinematic craftsman. Justin Hurwitz is the composer of the soundtracks of Damien Chazelle’s films. From “Whiplash” to “La La Land”, his music is an important dimension of feature films. New proof this week with the release of “Babylon”.

We will also discover “Brilliant”, a social film that is neither miserable nor moralizing, the “Kaleidoscope” series, which will break your head, but also an exhibition on urban art. Without forgetting a very good news for visually impaired readers.

Justin Hurwitz, the composer behind the music for “Babylon”

You may not know his name, but his work has probably reached you. Justin Hurwitz composed all of director Damien Chazelle’s soundtracks, from “Whiplash” to “La La Land” to “First Man.” And this week’s release of “Babylon” proves once again how important his music is to cinema.

At least 48 tracks, or 1h37 of sound, were composed for the film, which plunges into Hollywood in the 1920s. And if Justin Hurwitz never leaves the jazz he adores, he also pays beautiful tributes to more classics piece. This is how we find a variation of Ravel’s “Bolero” or his reinterpretation of “Singin’ in the Rain”.

Braille books at the same book price

This is a long-standing battle for associations of visually impaired people. And success is even better. In the last few days, about 2,000 Braille books have been subject to the price of one book. Concretely, this means that they are sold between 11 and 30 euros. Whereas, until now, had to pay between 60 and more than 120 euros.

In fact, the cost of producing a book in Braille is much higher: around 700 euros per book, because special machines and different types of paper are needed, not to mention translation by specialists. With this unique award, the Braille Transcription and Editing Center hopes to democratize reading for the visually impaired.

“Brilliant”, social and solar film

The yellow vests crisis has already inspired French cinema. And it’s not over yet. With “Brilliant”, in theaters this week, director Sylvie Gauthier focuses on the journey of four cleaning women, despite the backdrop of social protest. Among them, Karine, who did not admit to anyone, not even her friends, that she was illiterate. But when their business is taken over, she is forced to choose: keep her secret or lie to her loved ones.

The great strength of “Brilliant” is to manage to explain a difficult subject, without sinking into the difficulty. Sylvie Gauthier can count on her solid actresses, starting with Céline Sallette, excellent in the role of Karine.

On Netflix, “Kaleidoscope” will make you think

This is not the only series offered by Netflix with “Kaleidoscope”, one of its latest original creations. It’s an experience. The story, of a group of gifted thieves who attack a large fish, is quite a classic. And all the codes of the genre, from the big shootout to the ideas of geniuses, through stupid mistakes and endless hunting, are respected.

But it is in the way of viewing that the platform wants to change. Because the “Kaleidoscope” episodes are… out of order. Or rather, watch in the order you want, that is, more than 5,000 possible combinations… We advise you all to finish the so-called “White”. But for others, let your desires and your imagination run free.

Exhibition of street artists in Saint-Ouen

The stencil painting of Banksy, the figurines of Kaws, the small mosaics of Invader… all these works and more can be found in the old ice rink of Saint-Ouen, north of Paris. The Urban of Paname exhibition, dedicated to urban art, takes place on more than 2000 m². Drawings, graffiti, but also sculptures… you can find everything there, but above all the desire to share with as many people as possible. And it will be enjoyed until February 18th.

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