the new electric city car at 20,000 euros has officially arrived in France

This 20,000 euros is the ceiling below which the Leapmotor T03 electric city car must be sold in France according to the importer, bonus deducted. The drop from 6,000 to 5,000 euros in the end will not, however, prevent the market from next February from expanding the most affordable cars in the city. In the meantime, this car can be discovered in preview this weekend.

Spacious for its size

In his test, Maxime Fontanier also emphasized the price as the main interest for this 4-seater electric car with dimensions (L x W x H = 3.62 x 1.65 x 1.58 m) that are very similar to in the Fiat 500 (3.63 x 1.75). x 1.53 m), the Dacia Spring (3.73 x 1.58 x 1.51 m), the Renault Twingo (3.61 x 1.65 x 1.54 m) or the Volkswagen e-Up! (3.60 x 1.65 x 1.49m). The Leapmotor T03 therefore covers them all in height.

This car can first be seen as a practical and welcoming machine that allows you to get through town and perform daily routes. Behind a presentation that is not ridiculous, it offers a trunk of 210 liters, and more by folding the seat in one piece. But a fairly generous space on board for the occupants and we did not expect.

The fixed panoramic roof with electric sunshade accentuates this impression and the light in the passenger compartment, without covering the entire surface. This allows the originality of the biton, the only option in the catalog for this vehicle, against 490 euros. So, along with white, steel gray, powder pink, green and silver, the roof is black. As standard, the Leapmotor T03 is fully clad in blue metal.

Quite light

With this city car, the weight is well contained: 1,203 kg empty, including 74 kg for the Heracles permanent magnet synchronous powertrain that integrates its electronics and transmission management. At peak, the power does not exceed 80 kW (109 hp), for a maximum torque of 158 Nm.

Which is more than enough to find relative dynamism in this electric city car, in town and on the road, if you know how to live in 12 seconds to reach 100 km / h from a standstill. In the opposite direction, that is, to immobilize the vehicle when it is launched at this speed, the manufacturer announces a minimum distance of 43.50 m.

With LFP (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry, the 350.4 V – 104 Ah lithium battery offers a total energy capacity of 41.3 kWh. This makes it possible to get WLTP ranges of 280 km in the combined cycle and 417 km in an urban environment.

out of town

Living in the city does not mean being confined to the city. Although not the only one in its category to offer this, the Leapmotor T03 accepts direct current charging via the Combo CCS connector, up to a power of 45 kW. What can be found in about forty minutes 80% of the energy in the pack. This allows you to consider moderate distances from home, and more if necessary.

On the other hand, to operate the 22 kW AC terminal, it will be necessary to satisfy the 6.6 kW of the on-board charger. It is not isolated: There are still models of the upper segments and in the premium finish that are not better.

Always to overcome the city, the Leapmotor T03 can spin up to 135 km / h, and offers cruise control, albeit basic. We should not expect more in terms of driving aids to make the drive more relaxing.

However, this electric car has interesting safety devices as standard: 15-inch tire pressure monitoring, front and rear parking sensors, reversing camera, emergency braking and traction assistance, side start, ABS , ESP, automatic headlights, etc.

Unique Luxury finish

There is in the Leapmotor T03 soon available in France only one finish, called ” luxury “. On the dashboard, behind the leather-covered steering wheel, there is an 8-inch digital instrument display and a 10.1-inch Bluetooth touchscreen tablet compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (via the QD Link application) with GPS navigation.

Although they can only be folded manually, the exterior mirrors are heated with an electrically adjustable mirror. A remote control is used to unlock the vehicle, but also to operate the opening of the windows. Many storage spaces, cup holders, power outlets (12 V, USB) are part of the equipment.

To discover

A single finish, therefore a single price, of 25,990 euros, or 20,990 euros by deducting the current government bonus of 5,000 euros. The vehicle is guaranteed for 3 years, or 100,000 km.

Based in Toulouse, importer EVE France set up presentations ” shining » in preview, this Saturday January 14 and Sunday January 15, 2023, for motorists who want to discover the Leapmotor T03. However, there is no website for this manufacturer yet. Therefore, we contacted the Toulouse company by phone, which gave us a tip: these electric city cars can be found in the network of Seres France, another Chinese brand that it distributes.

The T03 will be officially launched next February. More than 50 points of sale and after-sales service will be opened for the Leapmotor brand, with the goal of exceeding one hundred before the end of 2023.

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