The Playlist, a look back at the creation of Spotify

Spotify is now the most visited audio platform in the world with 422 million users for the last quarter of 2022. Its strategic plan for 2030 announced during “Investor Day 2022” expects 1 billion users and a turnover of 100 billion dollars. However, behind the massive music streaming, hides an entrepreneurial venture, that of Daniel Ek, that Netflix was able to bring to the small screen in six episodes.

Episode 1 – The Vision

In 2004 Daniel Ek is a young computer genius lives in Ragsved in Sweden. He works at Tradera in the IT department but is able to hack Google at will, especially after being turned down for an internship due to not having a university degree. Leaving the Tradera, he had only one thing in mind: start a business, in any field as long as the market exists. After weeks of reflection and observing that citizens were receiving too many ads through the post, he founded Advertigo, a targeted advertising software. He will resell his box for 10 million to the giant Tradedoubler. At the same time, illegal music streaming on the Pirate Bay site is growing. Daniel Ek decided together with the founder of Tradedoubler (Martin Lorentzon) to create Spotify, a legal streaming site, with quality and very fast interface. For this he is recruiting the best, the software is ready but for streaming to be legal, you have to buy the rights, which is not possible for an individual… The project seems to be falling apart.

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Episode 2 – Industry

In the 2000s, the music industry is at its peak, CD sales bring billions in revenue to giants like Sony. However, within a few months, the rise of illegal streaming is seriously hampering this industry and Per Sundi, director of Sony Sweden, is forced to lay off most of his team. For giants in the music industry, it’s talked about “Free” music is blasphemy, therefore legal or illegal streaming is unthinkable. In this second episode, Daniel Ek repeatedly tries to convince Per Sundi that Spotify legal streaming that pays creators their fair value. It is at the end of the episode, when Per Sundi will test the quality of Spotify that the industry in general will finally accept the new phenomenon.

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Episode 3 – The Law

Petra Hansson is a good lawyer who wants to work in the music sector but his company, one of the most prestigious, favors other associates. He received a job offer from Spotify and was amazed by the technological qualities of the player he discovered, him agree to join the team to be the legal manager of the platform. He was literally allowed, in a way, on Spotify to exist. In fact, its purpose is to get the rights from the labels. That the latter is obviously very reluctant to the arrival of music streaming. He decided to attack in the first place the catalog of Warner, which suffered a lot from piracy but they really wanted to have a cash advance to accept the rights. But Daniel steadfastly refused to give ground to the record companies.

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Episode 4 – The Coder

Daniel is constantly recruiting his team to bring together the best computer coders. So he burned young Andreas, the true genius graduated from one of the greatest schools and a former position that underestimated his talents. The challenges are many for this genius, because Daniel is very demanding and wants to listen to music to the nearest second, there is no latency between the decision to listen to a title and the launch of the latter. So he pushes this young coder and his entire team to their limits to let them find a solution.

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Episode 5 – The Partner

Martin Lorentzon, co-founder of Spotifyis invited to the antenna of a local radio and returns from his perspective on spotify creation. The financier with a great profile also gets the chance to re-track his career and especially his fascination with craziest projects. With Daniel, she finds the partner of her dreams. The main stages of its participation in the creation of the platform are mentioned: first, the recruitment of Sophia Bendz, a viral marketing professional, called to manage Spotify’s public relations.

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Episode 6 – The Artist

In this latest episode, we leap into the future as Spotify largely dominates the market but was accused of anti-competitive practice by the US Senate. In addition, Spotify, which reaps huge profits, does not pay its artists enough according to various protest movements. From that moment, two visions intersect: the first, Spotify allows all members to freely distribute their music without belonging to a label pfor broadcast. The second, to say that the Music streaming pays artists who aren’t part of the top 100 most listened to in a mock. and therefore artists under contract with labels are not allowed to make a living from their art.

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To conclude, this mini-series on one of the hottest companies today looking back at how the The protagonists of this Swedish start-up literally helped the Spotify music platform get off the ground.

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