The real effect of the fuel check of 100 euros on the invoice

The new fuel check of 100 euros will be available this Monday. It will be paid once a year and concerns households with a reference tax income of less than 14,700 euros in 2021, i.e. 1,314 euros net per month for a single person, 3,941 euros for a couple have two children. To benefit from it, you must fill out a form on the website. and provide his tax number, license plate number as well as a declaration on honor stating that we need his car to go to work. This is actually one of the arguments put forward for its implementation: more targeted aid that will benefit those who need it.

This aid was announced by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on December 7 to replace the discount at the pump, which was reduced from 30 to 10 euro cents per liter in mid-November, then removed at the end of December. The compensation of 100 euros should concern around 10 million people. Users of motorized two-wheelers can also benefit from this. The cost of this proposal will reach one billion euros for the State, said Elisabeth Borne. In 2022, the rebate at the pump will cost him 8 billion.

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