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What are the best video games on Netflix that you can try for free? Gaming fans, don’t miss these games offered by the streaming platform!

After streaming movies and series, Netflix also offers a free video game service for all its subscribers. The gaming platform gives everyone a extensive media library intended for gaming. You will discover a wide selection of video games according to your preferences and your favorite pastimes.

Although the division of play of Netflix doesn’t attract many gamers than its streaming platform, it’s full of great nuggets that will delight gaming addicts. All you need to play is a smartphone and a Netflix subscription. To help you navigate this vast maze, here are the top best video games on Netflix Games to get you started.

Moonlighter, the game everyone knows

To start this top, we present Moonlighter, one of the video games on Netflix that all gamers are likely to recognize. This hit date, as it has come a long way on your PC and consoles before land on your phone from Netflix Games. In this game, you will play with Will, an ordinary merchant. He must explore the dangerous dungeons of the city to obtain goods to sell during the day. Torn between a 2D Zelda-style adventure and a management simulation, Moonlighter is an engaging and challenging game. It consists of different levels of several hours. However, you can play shorter game sessions depending on your availability!

Pointpy, the most addictive of all

Behind its art style, Pointpy looks harmless, but when you force yourself to play it, you will become addicted to this game. Designed by Downwell, one of the largest developers of mobile video games, Pointy benefits from the expertise of an entire well-trained team. The game is easy to pick up, and anyone can play it. Be aware that as you level up the game will become more difficult. You will need to be vigilant and watch your back as you go. Fans of racing games will find their happiness in this game!

Wonderputt Forever, the unique golf course

everyone knows, the mini-golf courses are awesome in video games. Many Sunday players use it to pass the time. However, at Wonderputt Forever the experience is therapy. From the soundtrack to hitting the clock on the golf ball, you’ll have an experience unique to you. No more pressure, you can enjoy routes conducive to fun and discovery. Wonderputt Forever is as magical as the idea you had of mini-golf courses as a kid, and just as fun to play.

Krispee Street, the world of coloring at your fingertips

Based on the webcomic of the same name, Krispee Street uses the same concept as the coloring book for adults. You have an artistic soul, or not, this game will allow you to free yourself and paint the world according to your way of seeing things. On your journey, you will encounter strange creatures or surreal images while full of personality. You will be so absorbed in this universe that you won’t feel like wasting your time. The game is consists of several levels which will allow you to earn coins as you complete daily challenges. You can also play in Zen mode to play in complete relaxation and without hindrance. Krispee Street will revive your childhood spirit and transport you to the forgotten world of adults, that’s for sure!

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge succeeds where other console video games branching out into mobile have failed. The fast, busy action translates surprisingly well to touch controls, graphics and animation specially designed for this game. They fit perfectly on the smaller screen. Best of all, and perhaps most important, is the the game is also smooth no matter what device you use to play. If you’ve missed the throwback to classic arcade games, this Netflix game clearly pays homage to those games of yesteryear, but with plenty of modern conveniences.

Lucky Luna, the perfect game for nostalgics

If you have played Lucky Luna before, this new version offered by Netflix Games will definitely appeal to you. In each level, you can collect items, discover secrets and complete challenges. The the controls are easy to use and perfect liquid. However, it lacks a jump button, like all other online gaming platforms. Part of the awesome game design is how you have to bounce off enemies or use the environment to level up. This simple change lets you approach the levels in a whole new way and incentivizes you to replay them until you land a perfect run.

Before your eyes, when your life passes before your eyes

This is definitely one of the most unique video games available on Netflix at the moment! Before Your Eyes can be played by almost anyone. We don’t say this lightly, but this narrative adventure can only be controlled by blinking the eyes. The plot tells about the whole life of a person flashing before his eyes, which is perfectly reflected in the mechanics of the game. You can switch between memories in the blink of an eye. We will be blunt with you: you will miss some important emotional moments by blinking your eyes. So you go keep your eyes open for a long time or do you blink them? Another fact that we will reveal to you, you will keep this game in your memory for a while!

Immortality, in the shoes of an investigator

We will not talk about the plot of Immortality because most of the game consists of reconstruct the story. In this moving video game, you’ll have to watch clips from three different movies in an attempt to solve a mystery. Your mission is to select different objects or people in one of the extracts. You will be taken to another passage where you should find them. It may sound weird, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s an engaging game that translates perfectly to your phone.

Kentucky Route Zero, reckless soul looking for adventure

This point and click type adventure game is a little different while still being charming. This video game took years to release in its entirety. It is perfectly matched to your phone. The gameplay comes down to simple moves and choices. Therefore, it is not necessary to have fast reactions or extreme accuracy. Instead, it is about exploring difficult themes, such as alcoholism, death, debts, etc. You don’t risk “losing” Kentucky Route Zero. You just need to change its trajectory according to your choices. It may seem simple, but this game will accompany you for a long time. So what are you waiting for to log in to play this mobile game on Netflix?

Into the Breach, perfect gameplay for mobile

It’s a bit surprising that this video game took so long to reach any mobile platform. We wonder why this is possible because the the gameplay is perfect on a phone. This is a tactical game that matches a puzzle. During the day, you will be the leader of a team of mechas. Your mission is to deploy them for different missions on grid maps to fight alien insects. Each mech and insect has its own movement and attack options.

However, the most amazing thing about this game is what the enemy team will do. Then you must plan your opportunity to counter it. Strategy games are great! If you use all your abilities and actions correctly, you can complete missions without taking a single hit. Easier said than done! This version also includes DLC. This gives you more possibilities for experimentation which makes the game more addictive. Note that each of these games is

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