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Photo: Nguyen Thu Ha/VNA

Paris (VNA) – “The Spring of the Union, the New Year of Greatness” is the title of a Tet festival organized on January 14 in Paris by the Association for the Promotion of Vietnamese Culture (APCV) . One of the first events to celebrate the traditional Vietnamese Tet in France.

The sweetness and charm of yes no traditions, the power and attraction of Viet Vo Dao martial arts, the taste of Vietnamese dishes, and the beauty of souvenir items and national specialties…all create a rich feast of colors, flavors and emotions for many visitors, who are Vietnamese living in Paris and French friends.

Vietnamese culture shines in APCV in France hinh anh 2Photo: Nguyen Thu Ha/VNA

Under the theme “The Spring of Union, the New Year of Greatness”, the event was organized by APCV to welcome the Lunar New Year, and at the same time celebrate the 50e anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and 10 years of Vietnam – France strategic partnership. This is also the occasion for APCV to light a candle to celebrate its 4 years of establishment.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mrs. emphasized. Diane Nguyen Duc, President of APCV, the aspiration of her association is to bring the Franco-Vietnamese culture closer, to connect people and spread the good values ​​of Vietnam to the French as well as to the Vietnamese. born and raised in France. This is also the reason why APCV presented, this time, yes no Vietnamese decorated with rare cultural heritage from France such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre Palace, Château de Chambord or the famous Macaroons, romantic lavender from Provence… “We want to make the French people love ao dai and the beauty of Vietnam, and at the same time, make the Vietnamese youth love the values ​​of French culture, the most wonderful culture of mankind”, he pointed out.

Vietnamese culture shines in APCV in France hinh anh 3Photo: Nguyen Thu Ha/VNA

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Éric Pliez, Mayor of the 20e district, expressed his pleasure to attend the event to welcome the Vietnamese Lunar New Year and witness the formation of APCV among the 3,000 associations active in his district. According to him, in a capital that welcomes more than 110 nationalities, a great number of them have found their place in his 20e district, thus creating its richness and diversity. “I understand that the Lunar New Year is a Vietnamese tradition that has passed through the centuries to establish itself as the most important time of the year. It is the privileged moment to celebrate the family union, the ties between different another generation, and finally the hope and expectation of a new year better than the last.did he declare.

Vietnamese culture shines in APCV in France hinh anh 4Photo: Nguyen Thu Ha/VNA

Present at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang highly appreciated the APCV initiative, especially in 2023, Vietnam and France celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations and 10 years of strategic partnership. According to the Ambassador, what APCV has done for 4 years is very encouraging and its contributions, in its own way, further strengthen the friendship between Vietnam and France.. “I congratulate the APCV for your efforts and your courage in promoting and maintaining our Vietnamese culture in France. Thanks to your actions, we can continue our traditions and our culture, and make it more accessible and familiar to our French friends.”, underscored the Ambassador who wishes to see this tradition carried forward in times to come.

When it comes to the Spring Festival, young Valencia Vacca and Casandra Thelier look better than everyes no traditional Vietnamese. They said they were “amazing” wearing this dress and consider it a way to “promoting Vietnamese culture”, the country of their friends. As for Mr. Amar Guerrier, the Viet Vo Dao costume is his favorite costume and he has been wearing it for 40 years. Adults like to dress up, but children like to eat well. So, Melissa Hallan and Annaelle Gins, “Loves Vietnamese culture and loves Asian foods, including Vietnamese spring rolls and Japanese sushi”.

For Vincent Galland, who has been a member of APCV for 3 years, APCV is like “a breath of fresh air in the busy life of Paris and it helps to strengthen the cultural closeness between the two people”.

A young but effective organization

Created in January 2019, APCV brings together many Vietnamese members from around the world and Franco-Vietnamese living in Paris, with the aim of preserving and spreading traditional Vietnamese culture. APCV currently has more than 200 members, present in 5 countries: France, USA, Sweden, Japan and Vietnam, with 3 branches (San Francisco in USA, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam) and headquarters in Paris .

According to Mrs. Diane Nguyen Duc, the principles and goals of APCV can be summed up in just 3 key words: spread, connect and preserve: spread Vietnamese culture to French and international friends; preserve Vietnamese culture for foreign-born youth; and finally promote connection to create a good relationship between people. In this spirit, APCV created 6 clubs: ao dai, gastronomy, music, travel, yoga and academics.

According to Ms. Diane, as a non-profit association, finding funding to sustain operations is not easy. In addition, most APCV members are young people and students, still busy with school and work, so time for APCV activities is also limited. However, thanks to the consensus and love for Vietnamese culture, the members of the association succeeded together to realize the program of events such as APCV New Year 2023.

In times to come, theAPCV will mobilize the support of politicians to ask the French government to recognize an Ao Dai Festival, a day when thousands of Vietnamese and even French friends who love this traditional costume can wear it in the street In addition, APCV also wants to organize a gastronomy competition to promote this Vietnamese culture. -VNA

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