will its minor mistakes be corrected in the new one?

We are often asked. What is the best car in the world? The answer is simple: it doesn’t exist! But, of course, some manage to offer better than others by finding subtle compromises. If the Dacia Duster owes its enormous success first of all to the fact that it is shown in Dacia prices, being cheap does not mean a miracle recipe otherwise, Lada and other Zastavas will have, in their time, cardboard to us!

no, if the Dacia Duster is so popular, it’s also because it’s a good car and it’s not bad to look at it as a bonus. However, this does not stop us from being demanding and seeing the truth in the face. This Romanian certainly offers a lot but it is not therefore beyond reproach. So, for its replacement expected at the end of the year, whose features you can already discover thanks to our exclusive drawings, it is not forbidden to dream. Here, in our opinion, are the faults of the current model that its successor must correct to be at the top.

Dacia Duster 3 will reach 4.40 m in length and can accommodate up to 5 passengers on board.© Didier RIC

Quieter ears?

Cheap Dacias? As mentioned recently during our meeting with the brand’s commercial director during the presentation of a Trophy from Automobile Magazine, the Romanian manufacturer has evolved since Logan. Dacia Sandero, Jogger and current Duster are also brilliant demonstrations. However, it must be admitted that there is a common defect in the three models in the range: perfect soundproofing.

valid, beyond 100 km/h (and even 90 km/h for the Sandero), the noise invites itself aboard the Dacia Duster. At this point, we hope that the next one will be more considerate for the eardrums of its passengers. However, it noticeably requires seals and sound insulation in greater numbers or thicker. And because it has value…

Currently driving?

A safe and easy car, period. Here’s how we can quickly summarize the road characteristics of the Dacia Duster. But if the Romanian SUV offers what is expected of a car in 2023, it is far from being the best of the lot, especially because of its direction. Very assisted, which is useful in town, it is on the other hand too much on the road despite the correction made during the restyling of 2021. If this change brought the best, it is still not enough in our opinion, the more we are barely feel the grip limits the hoop in the hand. As a result, we expect the next Dacia Duster to correct the situation in this area without obviously losing the good compromise between comfort and handling of the current model. Another complaint, adjusting the depth of the steering wheel can get amplitude so that each driver can be fully installed. Finally, let’s bet that Dacia improves the mechanical controls of the gearbox that are probably hanging on the current model.

Despite the corrections made in the 2021 restyling, the Dacia Duster still offers plenty of power steering.  But the machine compensates for its good compromise between comfort and handling.
Despite the corrections made in the 2021 restyling, the Dacia Duster still offers plenty of power steering. But the machine compensates for its good compromise between comfort and handling.© Dacia

Modernized ergonomics… but not too much

If it is likely the dashboard of the next Dacia Duster should, like that of the Sandero/Jogger, make a better impression than the current model with the addition of fabric covers and more color, Dacia should not go far in terms of ergonomics. There is also a very small chance that the next Dacia Duster will give up all-touch sirens, a mode that some manufacturers like Volkswagen will also shy away from. On the other hand, please, Mr. Dacia, can you place the center screen higher so less eyes are needed to take the road ? This is the only major flaw that can be developed in the ergonomics of the current model.

Small details that add up to a lot

Listening to customers and their expectations without exceeding is Dacia’s leitmotif. If our list of complaints does not have complete virtue and some owners of the current Dacia Duster find nothing to complain about, we hope that Dacia will improve the copy of the next generation of its star SUV. And, between us, say, even if it’s not going to be perfect because, we told you, automotive perfection doesn’t exist, the machine is leaving with a big advantage: following two generations that were a hit in France and elsewhere!

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