write your story and win books!

Are you between 7 and 13 years old? Write a real or imaginary story that tells of overcoming a fear and win wonderful books offered by Mame edition.

On the occasion of Reading Nights, Christian family organizes a writing contest for 7-13 year olds on its “Le coin des P’tits FC” pages, with two age categories, 7-9 year olds and 10-13 year olds. Are you between 7 and 13 years old? Tell, on paper or on the computer, your best story of overcoming fear, real or imaginary.

The jury will appreciate the courage, resourcefulness and intelligence in this story.

The winner: exciting books offered by Mame! Quickly explore them below. And the winners will have their story published on the site of Christian family !

You have until Tuesday, January 31 to send your story to jokes@famillechretienne.fr or to Petits FC, Famille Chrétienne, 57 rue Gaston Tessier, 75019 Paris. Do not forget to indicate your name, your postal address and your age.

For 7-9 year olds:

1eh price: How wonderful are your works – Laudato si’ in the school of great saints, by Sophie de Mullenheim and Anna Griot + All fire all fire, by Karine-Marie Amiot

Discover 15 beautiful stories of saints who praised the beauty and greatness of God’s Creation throughout their lives, from Saint Francis of Assisi to Saint John Paul II, including Saint Hildegard, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Pier Giorgio Frassati or Blessed Carlo Acutis.

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At 11, Théo joined the young firefighters. Inside the barracks, he discovers great friendships, true courage and shares sporting exploits and gimmicks. A novel full of adventure and emotion for young readers, an introduction to commitment and unity.

2e price: The crazy adventure of the family Saint-Arthur t. 10 – “Back to nature” by Paul Beaupere

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In Saint-Arthurs, it’s time for an ecological transition! Dad planted enough in the garden to survive, and even to survive. Mom is fixing the house so she doesn’t consume “like animals”. Brune brings back dozens of ideas from college to save the planet…
But Alex, he reacts: he dreams of having a big car, eats half a beef a day, and refuses to fix it.
Add to that:
– the packages full of strange seeds sent by Grandpa through the mail and sprouting before arriving…
– the rabbits that Charlotte raised in the bottom of the garden without any intention of eating them;
– and the unusual development of twins who are almost two years old, who read science books;
and you get a 10th “Saint-Arthur” you’ll still be laughing at in 10 years!

3e price: In war as in war! by Sophie de Mullenheim – Marine Gosselin

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I’m Octave. Together with my sister, Plume, we are enrolled in the “Investigations and tailings” course. This is where we met Mathis and Eliott. Between Mathis who is always over the moon, and Eliott who thinks he’s a real cop, our investigations are really fun: Yvain, our teacher, is a former secret agent. On the occasion of the Great Spring Cleaning (which took place this year in the fall), Plume and I discovered a door in our cellar that we hadn’t noticed.
What excitement! Behind this door, a network of tunnels, with walls carved with magical inscriptions. The blood of our secret agent ran aground. Here is a new riddle to solve, which will surely take us from surprise to surprise! It’s up to us if we open our eyes!

For 10-13 year olds

1eh price: Little Lord Fauntleroy of Frances Hodgson Burnett and Maxine Hammen + 20 heroes in our history – From Vercingétorix to Arnaud Beltrame of Blandine Cossa

Cédric lives a peaceful life in America, with his mother and friends. But one day, someone comes to tell him that he is the heir to the Count of Dorincourt! Forced to leave for England, the energetic and curious boy encounters a withdrawn grandfather full of prejudice. Will he be able, through his kindness and his cheerfulness, to warm the frozen heart of the old count?

20 French heroic figures tell children to discover and love the history of France. From the beginning of the French state to the sacrifice of Arnaud Beltrame, children will discover these wonderful figures: Vercingétorix, Clovis, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, Godefroy de Bouillon, Saint Louis, Joan of Arc, the Chevalier Bayard, François Ier , Henri IV , Louis XIV, Surcouf, Madame Elisabeth, Lafayette, Charrette, Napoleon, d’Estienne d’Orves, de Gaulle, Hélie de Saint Marc and Arnaud Beltrame.

2e price: The children of La Balme – “Funny War! », by Charlotte Grossetete

In this new series by Charlotte Grossetête, readers will follow the adventures of Marie, Philippe and Paul in the chaos at the beginning of World War II. From the pastures of Haute-Savoie to the school benches of the village, children wear out their trousers and their godillons between picking and playing with friends. But the war is there, threatening and its shadow hangs over everyday life. Until the day when, when faced with adversity, it will be necessary to choose: bow or fight? Bend or lift your head?

3e price: The Chronicles of Follebreuil – The Day of the Bear by Paul Beaupere

In the kingdom of Follebreuil, King Crépin wakes up in a very good mood: today is his daughter Colysne’s birthday and he is preparing a grand feast for the occasion. But Colysne doesn’t want to celebrate her 13th birthday with her father’s friends and she eats shrimp on the beach. However, on the beach, the terrible Vikings have just arrived… Is the princess in danger? Paul Beaupère’s new series, with a gallery of funny and interesting characters, that will delight all readers!

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