a massive port to PS5

After being a hit on Nintendo Switch, and a hit again on PC, Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One in hopes of… reaching a little bit more.

Yes, that’s a lot of boxes of all that, but the fact is that the license has been a real phenomenon since its inception and it has literally exploded since Monster Hunter World in 2018, the best selling game in Capcom’s history, all the franchises are all confused. both.
So good, between that and the proven fact that Monster Hunter Rise is an important game in other media, we’re ready to sell Rathalo’s skin before he’s killed by saying that Rise will delight new people on consoles. Sony and Microsoft.

Stay as you are, that’s fine

Because yes, the monster hunter rose is a success. No need to go over everything, we’ve already dissected it in our Nintendo Switch test. rise rest rise and it doesn’t change one iota in this port. The extremely dynamic gameplay that has been the hallmark of this new opus since its release does not change and the sensations remain as good, thanks especially to Filoptere. An insect type that acts as a grappling hook that allows you to effectively hover in the air, grab or tame monsters, and slice through the air with exclusive attacks. Our avatar moves more easily with surprising agility, and now can analyze almost all the reliefs that stand in front of him. The environments are varied and still successful, especially in their verticality approach that takes advantage of all our new movements, and the areas are very nice to navigate. No, really, fundamentally, nothing changes. The additions, you will find them mainly in the technical and content part, a little more important than when the original game was released, but nevertheless below what has been the monster hunter rose Currently on PC and Switch.

A hunter who knows how to hunt with his dog and his cat is a good hunter

On PS5, tested version here, the monster hunter rose nothing to envy the PC version released in early 2022. The game runs like a beauty in 4K at 60fps and can even go above if you have the right screen. Character and monster models are more refined than on Switch and textures remain faithful. HDR will also provide a big boost, as well as excellent ambient occlusion. If it clearly remains below current standards, the monster hunter rose works well on the PS5, and can even boast of being completely pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, what the game lost in technical appreciation, it won handily artistically. Whether it was the design of the new creatures, the hunting grounds or the small village of Kamura, our main base, it was a total success. Inspired by feudal Japan, Capcom brings us here a game with a true visual identity that works well in 2021 and is still a hit on PS5.

On the other hand, only those who played World of Monster Hunter and those hoping to find a World 2 here may be disappointed. Because no, the monster hunter rose is not a sequel, it is a full game originally designed for the Switch. This is a port, so keep that in mind before checking out.
No matter how good, the monster hunter rose pales in comparison to Monster Hunter World, which released in 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. The environments are less detailed, less organic and less alive. The design of the monsters remains of high quality, but here too it is inferior to MH World.
Note that on the PS5 the Dualsense controller is well supported, but it’s only been used for a while. It is more precisely the adaptive triggers that and in addition to depending on the type of weapon you are using, they are used very little. At best, it’s perfectly unintentional, at worst completely useless, unfortunately.

monster rodeo
What a great rodeo

A Monster Hunter that remains monstrous

But make no mistake about it, the monster hunter rose is not a sub-Monster Hunter, quite the opposite. The game is full of content that you don’t know what to do with. It actually embeds all the original content, along with some supplements, and guarantees hundreds of hours of hunting. The pieces of equipment are legion, it is also possible to equip and manage at least two companions, a Felyne and a Chumsky (a cat and a dog for neophytes). In addition, you can team up with up to four players to fill yourself with bigger and more powerful creatures. Moreover, the list of monsters here is very generous and fans will be delighted to find iconic creatures from the license (Rathalos, Zinogre, Narcacuga, etc.) and even some from world (Anjanath, Pukei-Pukei…). But the monster hunter rose also brings a lot of new heads with an absolutely amazing design, very inspired by the Japanese legend from which the whole game draws its universe. We will also note the presence of completely new variants.

On the other hand, the extension Sunset, available on Switch and PC, isn’t a piece of the cake yet, and that’s a shame. If we suspect that Capcom wants (new) players to enjoy the game little by little, given the amount of things to do, we still struggle to understand why the extension isn’t available yet. The latter won’t arrive until later in the spring and will require a bonus return at checkout.
In the same vein, some monsters released in previous versions are not yet available. So, yes, there’s enough to do, mostly even, and you get your money’s worth, but it’s not the ultra-complete edition one would have hoped for.

the monster hunter rose
We were cold, but it was beautiful

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