7 things we don’t like about the PS5

There’s a lot to love about the PS5, from its incredible graphics, to the immersive features of the DualSense controller, to the growing library of epic exclusive games. However, we can’t help but have some complaints about Sony’s latest console, and we bet we’re not the only ones!

Certain aspects of the PlayStation 5 have been a source of frustration for gamers and you can probably relate to some of them. This article discusses the most common complaints about the PS5.

1. The gigantic size of the PS5

We bet one of the first things you notice after unboxing the PS5 is its massive size – it’s almost impossible to miss! Not to mention its design and color have divided opinion. It’s true that this is serious hardware, but an important question arises: where do you put this behemoth in your entertainment center?

Whether you choose to move your PS5 from vertical to horizontal (or vice versa) near your TV or opt for a wall mount, this console isn’t the most compact on the market. And if you thought of keeping it in a cabinet, you should think twice, because it can reduce the air flow and damage its internal components.

One of the main reasons why this console is so big is to accommodate its cooling system, as the console needs to stay cool due to the intense hardware inside. Unfortunately, that massive size doesn’t reflect the PS5’s built-in storage capacity.

2. Limited storage and large PS5 games

So not only do you have to deal with this massive console taking up space, but you’ll also need to find a place to accommodate an external hard drive to store your PS4 games. In fact, the PlayStation 5 only offers 667 GB of available storage capacity, which is nowhere near what you need to be a serious gamer.

To add to the frustration, some PS5 games take up huge amounts of space, with games like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War taking up more than 200GB of your precious storage. Not to mention that most of these games are constantly receiving updates and patches, so you can expect that number to increase.

That said, you can expand your PS5 storage space and manage what you already have, and no, you can’t use an external hard drive to play PS5 games!

3. PS5 has limited backwards compatibility

Backward compatibility is one of the coolest features we’ve come to expect from next-gen consoles. This allows you to play your favorite titles from previous generations on your new console, without having to remove your old console and its cables.

While the PS5 allows you to play your favorite PS4 titles, sometimes with some improvements, the PS5’s backwards compatibility feature is somewhat limited as it makes playing PS3 and PS2 games more confusing.

For example, you’ll need a PS Plus Premium subscription and a good internet connection to stream PS3 games, as you can’t download them to your console. On the other hand, Microsoft is putting more effort into ensuring backwards compatibility with its Xbox Series X and S consoles, as it allows you to download and play Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even some original Xbox games. .

4. It’s easy to download the PS4 version of cross-gen games by accident.

Screenshot showing the PS4 and PS5 versions of FIFA 21.

One of the most common mistakes that new PS5 owners tend to make is downloading the wrong version of cross-gen games. Since the PlayStation 5 is backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games, when looking for a game that is available in the same generation, you may mistakenly download the PS4 version instead of the PS5 version or both, because it’s not really obvious if which version corresponds to which console.

That said, if you have cross-gen games, you can check which versions you’ve downloaded. Don’t worry if you made a mistake because you can upgrade PS4 games to their PS5 version. You can also delete the PS4 version if you downloaded both to free up storage space. To do this, go to the following address Settings > Storage > console storage > Games and appsselect the game and delete the PS4 version.

5. DualSense Controller Drift

Although not specific to the PlayStation 5, controller drift is a common issue that you may experience at one point or another with this console. If you’re not familiar with the term, stick drift occurs when your console registers random movement even when you’re not touching the analog sticks.

It can make the game frustrating, to put it mildly, and it’s not like you saved up the money somewhere to buy a new controller. Moreover, it is not cheap at all! Luckily, you can fix PS5 controller drift without spending a dime. However, if the problem persists and you can’t fix it, you may have no choice but to buy a new controller.

6. PS5’s noisy record player

Another issue you may experience with the PlayStation 5 is a noisy disc drive that sounds like a jet engine when you insert a game disc. The disc makes some noise when loading games. However, this noise can be quite loud and annoying.

Fortunately, you can fix this issue by updating your PS5 or manually ejecting the disc. This means you have to turn off the device with the disc inside, remove the faceplate, and use a screwdriver to manually eject the disc from your PS5. This should reduce disc drive noise.

7. PS Plus is a weak competitor to Game Pass

One thing you probably hate about the PlayStation 5 is the lack of a real competitor to Xbox’s Game Pass. Although Sony has launched an expanded PlayStation Plus catalog, the service is still far from offering the same value for money as Microsoft’s Game Pass.

Sony’s subscription model seems to focus more on older games, while Xbox Game Pass subscribers can enjoy newer and better-known titles. Finally, as we mentioned above, you will need a good internet connection to stream PS3 games, as you cannot download them to your console.

The PS5 isn’t flawless

The PlayStation 5 is a unique piece and a great addition to any gamer’s gear. However, like everything, it has its share of flaws.

We hope Sony fixes some of these issues in future updates, but there’s still a lot to love about the PS5. We bet this console will entertain you for many years to come.

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