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Prince Harry’s most rumored successor

This book of Prince’s memoirs published on January 10, 2023 is already a hit. According to the president of Fayard, Isabelle Saporta “Prince Harry is the favorite Windsor of the French, they like his Gallic, refractory and rebellious side”. This book consists of a large number of revelations from Prince. If we already know the presence of tensions between members of the British royal family since Harry and Meghan left for the United States and their interview with Oprah Winfrey caused a lot of ink to flow, this is certainly a point of no return that Prince Harry crossed with the publication of “The Substitute”. However, Harry’s book was a great success because, according to Isabelle Saporta, “The Substitute” required the paper to recommend 100,000 additional copies. Between the success of her book and the Netflix contract for their docuseries Harry & Meghan, Archie and Lilibet’s parents have been increasingly talking about them and the Windsors, much to the delight of royal gossip fans and the greatest anxiety of the royal family.

In pictures, here are 5 things you didn’t know about Prince Harry:

My body, Emily Ratajkowski, is the most engaged

Emily Ratajkowski is a 31-year-old American model and actress. With her 29 million followers on Instagram, she is especially influential in the modeling world. In her book My Body, the model recounts her tumultuous career. The book is described as “A personal and intimate exploration of feminism, sexuality and power”. Emily returns to the powerful elements of her life, her memories and lived experiences. More profoundly, she describes the commodification of her body and more generally of women. He also differs from, on the one hand, the fetishization of women’s beauty and, on the other, the contempt for female sexuality. This is one of the most focused books that awaits you when you open My Body.

Beyond Magic, Tom Felton, Most Magical

If his name means nothing to you, you’ve probably seen him in Harry Potter. And yes, even though actor Tom Felton not only played a wizard at Hogwarts, it was in the role of Draco Malfoy that at just 12 years old, Tom Felton found himself pushed under fire In his book “Beyond Magic”, the actor looks back with humor on his career but also making anecdotes and more personally, he describes his personal experience growing up on screen. He also confides in it his strong and growing friendship, on the one hand the ups and downs of a life reversed by glory and on the other hand, the brutal return to normal when starting his adult life at the end of making movie.

This light in us, Michelle Obama, is the most optimistic

Following the success of her latest book “Becoming” where she recounts her memoirs and more specifically her childhood anecdotes and the obligations she had to face as First Lady. In “This light in us”, Michelle Obama uses the same process by retracing anecdotes, but this time, she talks more deeply about managing her fears, self-esteem and confidence self, knowing how to take risks to get out of your comfort zone and your relationships with others. He engages in honest conversation by answering questions such as: how to build a long-term and honest relationship? Or how can our differences strengthen us and unite us? This book is straightforward, it won’t give you a miracle solution, but Michelle is sure that each of us will find resources to rely on to better understand the changes and evolution in our lives. An optimistic book, and to start the year, there is nothing better.

In the video, find out why we watch the same movies over and over again:

How to become the megaboss of your Lilly Singh super life, the most feels good

Lilly Singh is a Canadian videographer, host, comedian and actress. Since creating his YouTube channel in 2010, he has made a name for himself in the influencer world. He has released a 100% feel good book. In “How to be a bawse” (understand How to become the megaboss of your super life), Lilly gives us her best advice for gaining self-confidence and exceeding your goals. The actress revealed the color: “Mégaboss, (unusual) name: is said of a man who exudes confidence, juggles all his hats both in his personal life and in his professional career, attracts attention and fights to achieve his goals. A megaboss took over his life instead of watching it pass him by. » The author gives us all the keys to awaken the most confident person sleeping in us. You will understand this, if you want to start 2023 in good vibes and more motivated than beforeyou now know which book to devour.

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