Guillaume Musso, favorite French author, is unlikely to release a book in 2023

JOEL SAGET / AFP French writer Guillaume Musso poses during a photo session in Paris on April 12, 2018. (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP)


Guillaume Musso, here in April 2018, in Paris.

BOOKS – History repeats itself since 2011. This year again, Guillaume Musso remains the number one writer in sales in France, for the 12th year in a row, while Annie Ernaux makes her first appearance in the top 10 thanks to his Nobel Prize, according to a ranking announced on Tuesday, January 17.

According to this ranking made by the reference institute, GfK, and published in Le Figarothe author of life is a novel, 48, has sold 1.383 million copies of his books, far ahead of his competitors. He is followed by Swiss Joël Dicker, 37 (988,000 copies), who was not in last year’s ranking, and Mélissa Da Costa, 32 (845,000 copies), who climbed five places.

Guillaume Musso, who took first place in this ranking in 2011 (which was occupied by Marc Levy from 2004 to 2010), also told RTL, this Wednesday, that it came ” in January without writing a book “. He is not ” nothing ongoing project “, he hammered. Pause” not published “, the station notes.

The reason ? ” For a very long time, I said that my books are like children. This is nameless stupidity. I want to be a present fathersaid the novelist. My children are the best thing that ever happened to me. My great source of joy is to them I owe it now. I know it won’t last long. They are 9 and 5 years old. For me, the worst thing, that I missed my life, was to tell myself that I didn’t see my children grow up and I certainly don’t want that to happen. »

Annie Ernaux enters

The success of this writer first published by XO editions is explained by exciting plots, an inspiration that remains in time, similar to the television series, and effective writing. Passed by Calmann-Lévy in 2018, Guillaume Musso changed his themes little by little, but he and the world of prizes or criticism continued to ignore each other. She is the opposite of Annie Ernaux, who is adored by critics and crowned in October with the Nobel Prize for Literature.

That he appeared in seventh place in the ranking is an achievement for an author who does not have a title in the 50 best-selling in 2022, and has a rather intellectual and political image. But his publishing house, Gallimard, quickly hit back at this Nobel announcement. And his books like the place where The young man got a lot of exposure from booksellers, who generally loved it. Almost a million copies of his books were reissued after his award.

Guillaume Musso says he is ” became famous without trying to be”. Cautious and modest, hardworking, Antibois publishes a book a year without hesitation. And his final delivery, Angelis the fourth best-selling book of 2022, since it was released at the end of September.

He was followed by Joël Dicker, who declared the bestseller, in 2012, The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. He is rewarded for the successes he has chained with a formula rejected in all forms, the labyrinthine detective story. He benefits from having a remedy in 2022, by establishing his own publishing house, Rosie & Wolfe, in what is his weak point in the editions of De Fallois: poor distribution in his pocket.

10 authors, 20% of sales

As for Mélissa Da Costa, his pursuer, he capitalized on the enormous success of All the blue of the sky. It follows an amazing publication rhythm: ghost sickness, in March 2022, was followed by Lining, in September. Women from all over the world was announced for March.

The loser in this ranking was Virginie Grimaldi, who lost two places (4th, 820,000 copies). It was followed by Pierre Lemaitre (5th, 780,000), Franck Thilliez (6th, 757,000) and Annie Ernaux (7th, 633,000). Valérie Perrin (8th, 632,000), Marc Levy (9th, 630,000) and Marie-Bernadette Dupuy (10th, 554,000) completed this top 10.

It represents “20% of sales made in French and Francophone fiction”refers to Figaro a GfK consultant, Casseline Rosello. According to GfK, book sales in France will fall by 4% to 4.3 billion euros in 2022, suffering in comparison to an exceptional year 2021. Literature has 27% of the market, ahead of comics (23%) and children’s books (16%). This represents 159 million novels, collections of short stories or poems sold, or 2.3 per inhabitant.

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