Marc Cesco on the safety of automobile Grands Prix rails

the important thing
Marc Cesco is a home appliance repairman. From Castelnaudary to Revel and Salles-sur-l’Hers, it repairs washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances throughout western Aude. And he has a passion: motorsport.

The entire family of Marc Cesco, a native of the Paris region, is from the village of Issel. His grandparents, and other generations before them were born there. Even his father. But in Île de France he grew up, worked – there was a housewares store until the death of his wife, the business center, six years ago. The desire then took him to leave everything, to no longer work 70 hours a week. “My husband protects me from this; he thinks a lot,” he confessed. So he decided to sell everything, shop and house, to go and live in Lauragais with his son. Here, he quickly found work before deciding to set up on his own to repair household appliances, creating his business: “Marc household technique”. Don’t talk to him about planned obsolescence or equipment being thrown out without trying anything!

A meeting that changed his life

Marc Cesco has another passion: cars. When we talk to him about himself, his eyes light up. The boy who grew up in a service station was already in awe of the beautiful mechanics. A passion that grew in him. And then, in 1998, an encounter changed his life… “I made some arrangements with an extraordinary gentleman called Maoro Israel. I knew him immediately. He did the Paris-Dakar as a novice and there is a little report about 3. He was a marshal at Le Mans and he brought me as an assistant. From there, I passed all the levels, exams, fire courses and licenses: trainee in 2001, commissioner in the intervention in 2002… Until now commissioner in the application of regulations.” He passed by the side of the track; it is in the pit now. In direct contact with the direction of the race, like a referee, he ensures that the rules are applied in the pits and they are draconian. “You have to see your eyes everywhere; it happens very fast. At Le Mans, a pit stop to change a tire, refuel, less than 30 seconds, 2, 3 seconds in Formula 1”, confides – hey. And if there is a penalty, it is up to the commissioner to apply. Regularly, Marc Cesco learns about new regulations and keeps up to date with developments. He will return to Le Mans in February to update his knowledge.

Up to 40 volunteer days per year

A passion, volunteering that takes him up to 40 days a year! Today, there are about twenty on the Paul-Ricard circuit in Le Castelet, Le Mans, Morocco, Paris, Spa, Belgium… Formula 1, electric, karting, hill climbs, slaloms, motorcycling in the Bol d’ However, the Tour de Corse in history… He was happy, looking for his friends, took Vanessa, his companion, to the best circuit in the world. It’s also an opportunity to interact with world famous drivers, stars who are easy to get to but you must know how to respect when they need to concentrate. Extraordinary people, big names like Patrick Dempsey, Jean-Eric Vergnes, Alonso, Buemy, Esteban Ocon, Romain Dumas…

Memories, including the best with Romain Dumas. “I found myself at the end of the 24 hours of Le Mans, there was only a quarter of an hour of racing left. At the end, the unemployed must collect the drivers, the three winners of each category, for the podium. I have to take the Frenchman who was in the Porsche at the time; they were 2nd in the standings. There were 5 minutes left in the race. The Toyota broke down in front of the pits and, all of a sudden, The Porsche leading. We have all the journalists. Romain Dumas told me: “You come for 2nd place, you come for 1st. Except my helmet was number 13, and that made him cringe when he saw it. I had reassured him, I bring luck. It was in June, I saw him in October at the Tour de Corse. He came to me… “He told me I needed you, and he won the Tour de Corse”. And when I pass by the pits, he always comes over to say hello.”

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