the choice of culture from January 18 to 24

For your sightseeing ideas in Lyon, a music festival, a school and lots of theater – to laugh and move – this week from January 18 to 24 in the new culture selection of the editorial staff. To complete with your tips in the comments.

Trendy celebration

Every year, between galette and candlemas, Kraspek Myzik, a musical nest hanging from the slopes of Croix-Rousse, opens the festival season. With Plug & Play, Kraspek offers fifteen beautiful music (really) like no other sweeping all alternative genres. Folk, punk, rock, electro, songs, pop, everything goes as long as it’s crazy and avant-garde. In bulk, this year, Wendy Martinez, Wooden Beaver, Melnelson, The Despentes or folk legend Emmanuelle Parrenin. And a closing at Marché Gare with Imparfait and Gazzel.

Plug & play, at Kraspek Myzik, until February 3.

The news zinzins

Like many comedians with storefronts and in the news, Sophia Aram is known to France Inter audiences, especially for her acid tickets. The 5th show of the comedian – whose previous stint in Lyon caused a great stir – “is still in the making”, making fun of some people who have attacked the news in recent months, with his own appearance. Antivax, conspirators, zemmouriens, petty bourgeoises, poutinolâtres, hardline yellow vests… all went to the flamethrower of humor.

Sophia Aram, at the Red Curtain, from January 17 to 21.

Return the notebook

This season, Jean Bellorini’s TNP pays a triple tribute to Marguerite Duras. Then pain and The careless, the triptych closes with the final piece. The actor Mathieu Coblentz here became a director and gifts type of person. The piece is made with a montage of texts by Duras (pain), by Dionys Mascolo (About an effort of memory) and Vasily Grossman (The Hell of Treblinka). type of person echoes the work of the same name by Robert Antelme, in which he recounts his experience as a deportee in Nazi concentration camps. The piece presented at TNP evokes the impossible return to life when one experiences the unimaginable and miraculously emerges from it. A particularly strong job.

type of personat the NPT, until January 28.

The Human Species by Mathieu Coblentz. Photo by Marion Canelas.

bad vibes

If you need to try to understand the wellsprings of propaganda and its influence on humanity’s greatest tragedies of the last two centuries, just listen to Radio des Mille Collines. For months, this Rwandan radio station was the grand orchestrator of the massacre of the Tutsi by launching repeated calls for murder, mixed with fake news. This is the encouraging story that tells Hate Radio, the show created more than ten years ago by Swiss playwright Milo Rau, one of the gems of contemporary European theater. A show on the power of words and their deviance, all the more chilling because it is, it must be said, exclusively documentary.

Hate Radioat the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse, from January 18 to 21.

The school of change

“What now? This is the question that the event À l’école de l’Anthropocène will ask at the end of its 5th edition. Initiated by the Urban School of Lyon, the festival offers activities, meetings, debates, workshops , courses (literature, philosophy, social sciences, law, biology, etc.). All this allows us to better understand the global change of our environment and our society through themes as diverse as ecology, justice, technology. Which is not a luxury, it must be said. Many guests and experts are invited together with authors such as Brigitte Giraud, Sibylle Grimbert, Géraldine Kosiak, Claudie Hunzinger or Wilfried N’sondé. What to do then? Go in Rize, which hosts the event. Even camp there.

At the Anthropocene school, in Rize, from January 24 to 28.

Lyon School Exhibitions of the Anthropocene.  Blue Marble Image Ronald E. Evans/Nasa
In the Anthropocene school. Blue Marble. Photo Ronald E. Evans/Nasa

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