These super ambitious games will wow us in 2023

Game News These super ambitious games will wow us in 2023

For some devs, 2023 runs with technical excellence and graphical slap. Here are six amazing games you can’t miss coming out next year.

The Day Before

This one has been eyeing us for quite some time. With its beautiful tunes from The Last of Us, The Day Before will offer us an underwater MMO experience in a vast post-apocalyptic world eaten by zombies. If the photorealism of the gameplay sequences presented is stunning, as well as the technical arguments, the sound design should not be overpowered and seems to offer an impeccable immersion to the player. Ed and Asien Gotovtsev, the founders of Fntastic studio, in any case have the ambition to create “the best online survival game“, that’s all. The business manager of the publisher of The Day Before even talks about “first post-apocalyptic metaverse”. The safety dimension should be a pillar of the program, the players have a specific measure of cold, heat and energy. Fntastic further noted that blizzards can easily take down even well-equipped players in just “five minutes”.Moving to a more advanced and responsive open worlds engine will make The Day Before gameplay even more impressive.”the devs explained.

Paranormal Tales

Here’s a game for the less cowardly. Halfway between Blair Witch and The Conjuring, Paranormal Tales aims to make us sweat hard in 2023. The first trailer came out in October and showed off ultra-realistic visuals in a found-footage-like experience that included image distortion and low light. The pitch is as follows: You play as a gentleman who has lost his dog Teddy in the forest and must start looking for him. Trouble is, the unlucky one seems to end up in a haunted house occupied by a not-so-hot-looking entity. Only two people are behind this game and work under the banner of the Horror Cam Committee: “My friend and I are making a PT-inspired bodycam-style horror game where you get lost in a hyper-realistic forest and have to find your dog, Teddy“. The game will only come to PC next year.

Black Myth: Wu Kong

It’s impossible to miss this hype, Black Myth: Wukong is a sensation coming straight from the Chinese studio Game Science. This adaptation of the novel “The Peregrination to the West” will offer us to represent Wukong on a mythological journey. Level clashes, players should expect dantesque and demanding clashes. The studio explained that it was inspired by, among other things, God of War (2018) for the camera and Asura, an MMORPG developed on behalf of Tencent and released in 2013, to design its game. In addition, the game will make it possible to have interconnected and populated areas of enemies to eliminate. Black Myth: Wukong will be released next year on PC and next-gen consoles.

Hellblade 2

After an acclaimed first part, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II looks to impress us next year. Ninja Theory promises in this regard to offer us the most ambitious game in its history through an extraordinary reconstruction of the sets, a particularly worked immersion and a remarkable technical quality thanks to the power of the Xbox Series and the Unreal Engine 5. Juan Fernández, designer of the battles explains title: “We raise the bar in terms of “doing more with less.” The original Hellblade surpassed us, but the quality we want to deliver relative to the team behind it, and compared to similar games, I think will be sky high.“The title still doesn’t have a release date but it’s planned exclusively on PC and Xbox Series.

Stellar Blade

Formerly named Project EVE, Stellar Blade is a Korean action-RPG presented as a sort of mix between Bayonetta and NieR. In the program therefore: nervous and furious fights as you change in strange settings reminiscent of the work of Yoko Taro. Stellar Blade will be an exclusive PS5 console released by Sony and will arrive in 2023.

hell we are

Originally licensed by Nacon and developed under UE5, Hell is Us is a third-person action-adventure game, with a sense of adventure and exploration at the heart of the game. Here, there is no quest log, no points of interest on the map. The semi-open world will therefore offer exceptional freedom of choice and exploration. A concept explained by Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, current director (and former artistic director at Eidos Montreal for Deus Ex: Human Revolution in particular): “Our goal in Hell is Us is to bring adventure and exploration back to its former glory. There’s no need for a detailed quest log or precise map indication of places to explore: we want players to feel the breath of adventure , guided by their reflection and their instinct”. The main character searches for his roots in a country in the middle of a civil war where strange creatures appear. The game will be released in 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.

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