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Since the C4 Cactus, Citroën has regained its former eccentricity. Just look at the C5 X, which aims to evoke memories of the CX and XM. With the C4 X, the French brand adds another maverick to its range. Technically, the newcomer is based on the C4 “nothing short” – it sits on the same CMP platform and shares the same 2670mm wheelbase.

But while it’s also available elsewhere with a PureTech petrol engine or even a BlueHDi Diesel under the hood, the C4 X will only be introduced as an EV in 14 European countries, including ours. This means that in Belgium, among other places, it is possible to obtain it only with the marked prefix ë-.

Body and dimensions Citroën ë-C4 X

With an overall length of 4.60 m, the C4 X, with or without the ë- prefix, is 24 cm longer than the C4, but it is distinguished above all by its body shape. While the normal C4 also has a certain style, it is ultimately a mid-size compact car with a fifth door that doubles as a hatchback.

On the other hand, its new X-suffixed namesake is harder to classify, if not in the catch-all category of crossovers. In fact, the C4 X combines the appearance of a four-door sedan with a fastback-like rear and some styling features of an SUV – a slightly higher ground clearance and plastic body sides and other body elements. black

If the nose of the C4 X, with its split lights, is similar to the C4 (you won’t see the new Citroën logo anywhere…), the rear is different, with a separate boot. clearly distinguishable. The taillights, meanwhile, are equally striking, extending to the rear fenders on either side.

We leave it to everyone to judge whether everything is successful, but in any case, the C4 X looks less ordinary than the C4 Elysée, which was readily available to us and really was nothing but the C4 at the time. an unimaginable back is stuck. However, the little bully that Western Europeans don’t much adore and the newcomer have something in common: they are both designed for markets other than ours, especially Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle -East. Although it should be understood that the C4 X and ë-C4 X also have higher ambitions than the C4 Elysée.

>> Length: 4600 mm – width: 1800 mm – height: 1520 mm

Interior and trunk Citroën ë-C4 X

Anyone sitting in the current C4 or ë-C4 will have a familiar feeling behind the wheel of an ë-C4 X, as the dashboard is the same, including the drawer above the glove compartment for laptop storage or tablets. You won’t hear us complaining about it, because even though its use of hard plastics is a bit heavy, it offers a modern and polished feel.

Here, too, the dashboard is quite minimalist, but therefore very clear – and, moreover, all the important information is there. One false note, however, is the head-up display that’s standard on higher trim levels, but a bit cheap – the data isn’t placed on the windscreen, but on a Plexiglas plate. . Incidentally, the “C4 X” uses the MyCitroën Drive Plus infotainment interface from its sister, the C5 X.

In any case, the interior of the ë-C4 X creates a serene environment, with excellent soundproofing and, of course, the now familiar Advanced Comfort seats that can be massaged and heated. Although the ë-C4 X is lower than an SUV, it still sits slightly higher on its wheels than a regular sedan, which translates into a higher driving position that seems to be much appreciated by motorists. Currently.

But it’s also comfortable in the back, at least – as usual – in the two outer seats. The backrest has a nice slope and plenty of legroom. However, passengers over 1.80 m need to sit slightly closer together to avoid the top of their head rubbing against the ceiling. However, the embarkation was done very well.

With a volume of 510 l, the trunk is spacious for the segment, and it is also easy to use thanks to its regular shapes. You can store the charging cable in a compartment located under the loading floor. The load volume can be increased (up to 1360 l) thanks to the backrest of the rear bench seat folded in two unequal parts as standard, which also includes a ski hatch in more expensive versions. However, due to the short and sloping tailgate, the trunk is naturally less accessible than the C4 with its large tailgate.

Specifications and performance Citroën ë-C4 X

Logically, the ë-C4 X uses the engine assembly of the ë-C4, which consists of a battery and an electric motor of 50 kWh and 136 hp (and 260 Nm) respectively. In fact, the fact that it is a completely new model does not mean that the ë-C4 X will be eligible for the now improved version of this powertrain (with a battery capacity of 54 kWh and an output of 156 hp) as we recently discovered. in DS 3 E-TenseThe Jeep Avengers or the Peugeot e-2008, among others.

“A new model cannot be developed overnight,” the ë-C4 X product manager told us, “and when we started there was no question about a more powerful version. But it will happen eventually, and it can be the two versions may coexist in this case.” However, he hasn’t said (or wants to) when that will happen.

However, the ë-C4 X with its powertrain will therefore have to be content for the moment with an acceleration time of around 10 s to go from 0 to 100 km/h, although for this it will take the Sport already activate the mode. The maximum speed is 150 km/h in both driving modes, while it is limited to 130 km/h in Normal and even 95 km/h in Eco…

Autonomy and load Citroën ë-C4 X

Typical WLTP consumption is 15 to 15.4 kWh/100 km depending on the version, while Citroën announces a range of 360 km. A 7.4 kW single-phase on-board charger is supplied as standard. For an 11 kW three-phase charger, you have to pay extra. Fast charging is possible up to 100 kW, which allows an 80% empty battery to be recharged in half an hour. With a wallbox or charging station, a full charge takes about five hours. For a single-phase charge at 32 amps, it takes about seven and a half hours.

Behavior Citroën ë-C4 X

The ë-C4 X is not strictly speaking a driver’s car. It’s more than just a comfortable cruiser. Thanks, of course, to its Advanced Comfort suspension with hydraulic stops for shock absorbers that almost float you on the road. By doing this, the behavior remains healthy without change. For comparison, we also briefly drove the petrol version, which is not available from us, and it showed itself to be slightly more nimble, which of course makes more sense given its lower mass. Although the weight of the ë-C4 X is not too bad for a battery electric car (less than 1700 kg ready to drive).

And if you switch from the electric version to the petrol variant, the sound of the three cylinders seems to be there. The steering is light in any case and you seem to have to overcome a little resistance to leave the midpoint. But that doesn’t really affect the driving pleasure, which is due to the softness and comfort we still feel, a fortiori in the all-electric version, where we appreciate the quietness of the ride and the driving without shock, in the town and in the others. The road. And despite its power of “only” 136 hp, the ë-C4 X never leaves you feeling like a sucker in traffic.

Belgian prices Citroën ë-C4 X

In Belgium, the ë-C4 X range comes in three trim levels: Feel, Shine and Shine Pack, priced at €39,100, €40,410 and €42,550 respectively – so it’s only slightly more expensive than the five-door which is ë-C4. The list of options is quite limited and includes several packs whose availability and price depend on the trim level.

In addition to the six body colors, customers can also choose a color pack, for color accents on the body, as well as different “interior moods”. As for the 18-inch alloy wheels, only one model is available for the electric version.

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Citroën ë-C4 X – verdict of Automobile Monitor

The C4 X is a novelty in the Citroën range that, with its four-door body, is mainly intended for more southern markets, but it may also appeal to some customers in our country. It remains to be seen if the decision to offer it exclusively as an all-electric ë-C4 X was the right one. But for an EV, it already offers a successful first impression. Although, of course, you have to like the standard Citroën road contact, which may not be a fan of everyone.

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