What is the program for Reading Nights on the theme of fear in Creuse?

Theatrical readings, evening puns, participatory fresco, screening of films based on novels… The librarians of the department have created a variety of programs for the Nights of Reading that will take place this weekend.

After love, fear

After last year’s love, the theme of fear was chosen in 2023. “It is not a theme that our readers are asking for much, even among students,” said Mathilde Enique, director of intermunicipal media libraries of Aubusson and Felletin. This is an opportunity to show things that change from the norm. »

Friday, January 20, in Aubusson, the evening of reading for children, for example, will present a selection of albums on fear. “These are not necessarily scary books. We don’t want to go to a Halloween party, Mathilde Enique pointed out. These are albums that talk about the fear of growing up, the fear of absence, the fear of others…”Gueret library

“It should not be confused with horror,” added Agnès Rouet, head of the adult sector at the Creuse Departmental Library (BDC). “Fear is a theme found in genre literature, for example in detective novels. We ask Maxime Chattam a lot. Fantasy literature is also appreciated. Authors like Stephen King, who are close to horror, are always recognized, especially with new releases. »

Agnès Rouet also likes to highlight the classics. “In Maupassant’s wonderful short stories, we have this theme of fear. It’s always fun to re-read things like this. »

Novels to take your mind off things

This literature is not the most requested in the BDC, which provides a hundred Creuse libraries. “We will not lie to each other, local authors are in demand, the leader of the adult sector is recognized. But we try to offer something else. »

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Nowadays, in Aubusson and Felletin, readers especially like novels “that do good, that change ideas, that make you travel”, says Mathilde Enique. Kilometer zero by Maud Ankaoua, for example, has been very successful.

The Creuse program

– Gueret
Department archives. Dramatized readings, Friday, January 20, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm
Multimedia library. The readings were performed on Saturday, January 21 at 6:30 pm
Seneschal cinema. Screenings on Sunday 22 January at 3 pm film Les autres, and 6 pm film La nuit du chasseur.
– Chambon-sur-Voueize
Media library. Dramatized readings on Friday, January 20, from 5 pm to 7 pm
Media library. Scary readings (from 5 years), Friday January 20 at 5.30 pm
– Felletin
Media library. Investigation game, photo booth, reading, fresco, participatory buffet, introduction to traditional dances, Saturday January 21 from 5 pm
– Bonnat
Media library. Word game evening (adults) Friday, January 20 at 5 pm Evening readings, cuddly toys, plaid and company (children) on Saturday January 21 at 5 pm
– Genouillac
Multipurpose room. Animation “Little reading champions” on Friday January 20 from 2 pm to 4 pm
– Bourganeuf
Maurice Cauvin space. Readings on Saturday, January 21 at 8 pm
– Dontreix
Library. Saturday, January 21, 7 p.m., bowl of soup and readings.
– Saint-Sulpice-le-Dunois
Media library. Friday January 20, shadow theater at 6.30 pm, then at 7.30 pm, around a dinner aperitif, readings.

In Creuse, retirees send the taste of reading to children (2020)

Catherine Perrot

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