An original system provides decisive support to the fashion industry

Five years after its first edition, the system designed by the Ministry of Culture to support the fashion sector is an undeniable success. The spearhead of a policy is determined to turn support for young creations and the influence of French fashion “, according to Aude Vuillier, project manager for design and fashion in the general direction of artistic creation of the Ministry of Culture, it provides financial support for the economic and creative development of companies in the sector through a investment grants in projects ” digital and ethical “. ” The winners, most of whom already meet the criteria of sustainable fashion, will develop digital projects: for example, make their website more efficient or set up photo shoots to obtain images with the best quality; others will create video campaigns and promote their knowledge. Many of them have great stories to tell. I’m thinking especially of family businesses that have been taken over by the younger generation “, emphasis on Aude Vuillier.

The ambition of the device? Support digital and sustainable projects

Know-how: the other key word in the call for projects. It is really central to the choice made to extend the system to artistic fashion professions in 2021 (more than 40 defined fashion professions). “ When the office of creative industries was created in 2021, more visible links between public policies aimed at crafts, design and fashion were established: thus the recent inclusion of crafts in the ‘call for projectscontinued Aude Vuillier. These young brands really need manufacturers and subcontractors whose knowledge is extraordinary but often remains behind the scenes. Making them beneficiaries of the call for projects is a way of recognizing them “. Knowledge is, along with creation, at the heart of the Ministry of Culture’s support to the fashion sector. “ For the younger generation, fashion is fashion show, it is being a stylist, explains Aude Vuillier, however, the fashion sector is a wide variety of professions “. The Fashion Forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture every year together with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is another way of bringing all the unknown professions in fashion to the fore. “ Last year, in a completely digital format, we made seven videos on new professions in fashion, which are not only new professions but also developing professions. The goal is to try to inspire vocations “.

Awareness, sales, relocation… the effects of the system are very positive


At the end of the first five editions, the Ministry of Culture made a progress report on the system, based on a questionnaire sent to all winners. It shows that the support – €400,000 per year in total allocated by the ministry, i.e. €20,000 for each winner, accompanied by mentoring provided by a member of the jury – is judged “ decisive for the development of their business. Note: in 2018, 5% of supported companies were located in the regions, now they are 65%. This support has four main effects, according to the beneficiaries: improving awareness, increasing sales, increasing production and moving to France, and implementing more responsible strategies.

A real need to produce local and sourced materials

Another encouraging trend: 90% of the companies and brands supported by the call for projects still exist today. ” Very few have closed, which is a good sign, especially after the years we’ve had. That means they have found a solution to stay open despite the stores closing. E-commerce sales have helped them a lot, but we’re definitely helping them digitally », rejoices Aude Vuillier. And 85% produce their products entirely on French territory. ” Some begin a true scientific process around the material and subject it to a series of tests to ensure its compatibility. Others take inventory from large houses and create collections from that inventory. Everyone, however, will get the materials as close as possible. For others, the grant was mainly used for digital development with investment in tools and content – ​​website, video, photography… – which made it possible to increase brand awareness and, in the process, sales. Suffice it to say that the call for fashion projects and fashion crafts is a device for the future. Publication of the next call for projects on February 6.

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