Culture: Pamiers wants to be different at L’Estive

the important thing
Jean-Luc Lupiéri, deputy for culture and heritage, and Sébastien Gonzalez, his department director, discuss the 2023 orientations.

What are your projects, your intentions for the new cultural era?

J.-LL: Our desire is to offer shows aimed at all audiences, to have a particularity and a place within the Ariège program in relation to Estive. The idea is to diversify the cultural offer and allow more people to enjoy it. Our first dance show was very well accepted, the next one with Lynda Lemay was sold out. The “Britannicus” theater of the Tragic Circus is almost full and will remain so for the rest of the season. Meeting the public is based on trust.

In terms of programming, the Jeu-du-Mail room with its 300 seats is reaching its limits. What solution to increase the gauge?

OS: We have a plan to increase the tonnage by 15 to 20%. I believe that this obstacle, this limitation, should be turned into a strength. It is a particular room, of limited size but with originality and a singularity that attracts artists. The closer public has a different relationship with the artists who admire it.

Will the festivals, “Gabriel Forever” and “Elles en Scènes + Eux” continue?

J.-LL : The celebrations remain in good place in 2023. For 2024, which will be the year of the 100th anniversary of the death of Gabriel Fauré, the Appamean celebration will last the whole year, with notable and significant events that linked to this Great Appamean figure, tutelary Gabriel Fauré. There is definitely a new direction, but the “Gabriel Forever” festival will continue.

We’ve mentioned programming but it’s also an important part of cultural action that includes education, training and engagement in schools. What if?

J.-LL : When I came to culture, my first decision was to register the theater specifically and introduce dance for a full course at the conservatory, which is a heavy instrument. Art education is important. Our cultural policy incorporates this artistic dimension in the establishments that ask us both in the city and in Ariège, for music, theater or exhibitions.

What’s new to expect?

OS: Our programming remains in school programs and a new device will be born from February: “Family Culture Weeks”. Children will attend the shows for free, only parents will have an entry fee of €5 per seat. With the same quality required for shows.

Music, theatre, dance: at the conservatory, what about the visual arts…

J.-LL : This orientation is provided for the Carmel project, in areas that allow for workshops, courses and training. With the development of exhibitions, the reception of artists, this discipline has more meaning in Carmel. We anticipate the strategy by setting up workshops with local partners, there is a real need. It’s good to have the opportunity to fully practice a range of artistic skills. We are in the process of refining the project.

The abandoned cinema project in the bishopric

Since the arrival of the current municipality, a project to upgrade and relocate the cinema has been planned in place of the former bishop. But it came up against the constraints imposed by the Bâtiments de France. What now?” In fact, the decision was made not to carry out the project to create a cinema in Castella, the budget allocation for which is too high with an uncertain future for the cinema, explains Jean-Luc Lupiéri . redefined the map in relation to the cinema, the forecast of the figure of the study estimated between 60 and 80,000 admissions is not certain to be reached. The track we will consider in the current dynamics of the Rex is about rethinking and connecting to improve or change existing conditions.”

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