Fuel error and car insurance coverage

Gasoline to diesel and vice versa: the consequences of a fuel error

Gasoline to diesel or diesel to gasoline : when changing cars or renting a car, it is not uncommon to make a mistake about the type of fuel.

Also, mix diesel and gasoline can happen even without special circumstances. In fact, you may have accidentally inserted the wrong nozzle into the fuel door.

Unfortunately, this type of car claim can have direct consequences on the operation of your vehicle. The fuel type intended to provide your car plays an important role:

  1. Fueling the car with diesel : it is possible to start the vehicle if the level of diesel fuel in the tank is low, 10% maximum. If your car is a catalyzed gasoline carthen there is no risk of going wrong because the tank filler hole prevents the diesel pump from entering.
  2. Refueling a diesel car with gasoline : if the fuel level in the tank does not exceed a threshold of 10% (3% for common rail diesel vehicles), then the vehicle produces knocks and smoke. Otherwise, it is important not to go on the road at the risk of damaging the engine’s injection system and risking an explosion.

What about Unleaded 95?

    It happens that some motorists fill the tank of their old car with Unleaded 95. In this case, it is recommended to fill the rest of the tank with Unleaded 98 in order to drive peacefully.

What to do in case of fuel error?

To avoid anything engine damageit is necessary to react quickly and properly by using the right reflexes.

As soon as you notice a malfunction, park and turn off the engine as soon as possible.

Contact your insurer (service available 24/7) to find out if it is possible to benefit from assistance and breakdown services. If this is the case, your insurance will contact a mechanic.

Then, wait for the mechanic to arrive: he performs a engine oil change and drains your tank so you can safely get on the road.

If your car is damaged by a fuel error (diesel instead of gasoline or gasoline instead of diesel) then the insurance orders a tow truck. If you don’t get the assistance cover in your car insurance contract, you will have to handle the breakdown service for your car on your own.

Finally, if the problem is observed with the fuel pump, ask the gas station staff. Agents on site usually have the necessary equipment to deal with this situation.

In the event of a fuel error, is there car insurance coverage?

The car insurance fuel error coverage depending on the conditions set out in your contract and the cover is removed.

If you choose an all-risk formula, the repair assistance and warranty are automatically included in your services.

On the other hand, it is optional to third party insurance and third party intermediaries.

If you benefit from the assistance guarantee, your insurer covers the costs associated with towing, or breakdown assistance, emptying and repairof your car.

However, this warranty may include conditions and exclusions which differ by insurer:

  • Kilometer limit : beyond a certain number of km, your car may not be repaired.
  • Mileage allowance : your coverage can only take place at the minimum distance between your home/place of work and the place of claim (this is not the case if you are covered by 0km assistance)
  • Limited support : no consideration of passengers or the load of your vehicle during the breakdown service.
  • Replacement car loan whether or not included in the contract.
  • Limitation of compensation amounts for support costs.

Don’t have a guarantee of help in your contract yet?

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Wrong fuel: how do you know if your car is covered?

To find out if your car insurance covers you in the event of a fuel error, all you have to do is consult your insurance contract or contact your insurer by email or phone.

As mentioned before, the assistance guarantee is not universal auto insurance plans. In fact, third-party contracts do not allow such an option to be removed.

On the other hand, you may benefit from support if you choose a additional third-party vehicle contract or one all risk contract.

If you don’t have enough comprehensive coverage, it may be a good idea to switch car insurance and get the guarantees that best suit your needs:

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