New games: Bless Global, Sands of Salzaar and Memorha Mobile

Today, 10 interesting video games have landed on the App Store for your iOS devices and especially Bless Global, Sands of Salzaar and Memorrha Mobile.

Thursday is to video games what Wednesday is to the cinema, which is why you’ll find on iPhoneSoft: Thursday games for iPhone, iPod and iPad for years.

New free iOS games:

bless global icon game ipa iphone ipadBless the Global (Game, Action/Role Playing, iPhone/iPad, v1.5.1, 2.5GB, iOS 11.0, TigonMobile)

BLESS GLOBAL is a medieval fantasy MMO with an immersive aesthetic, depicting a magical world alive through beautiful stories and console-level graphics. The game offers a powerful graphics engine as well as immersive battles.

Along with animations (including facials), dynamic lighting and a real-time weather system bring every blade of grass to life in this fantasy world. This is a fantastic game if you have a modern iPhone or iPad.

Download the free game Bless the Global

bless global capture game ipa iphone ipad

demon arisen immortal icon game ipa iphone ipadDemon Arisen: Immortal (Game, Role Playing, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.0, 908MB, iOS 10.0, Wise Technology Limited)

Darkness has come. The resurrected demon.
Fight with your team to push the evils out of the high wall before the destructive demon arrives.

It’s up to you to choose between mortals and demons, but also a hundred weapons and tons of enemies to defeat.

Download the free game Demon Arisen: Immortal

demon arisen immortal capture game ipa iphone ipad

ashes exponential rpg icon game ipa iphone ipadAshes – Exponential RPG (Game, Role Playing / Strategy, iPhone / iPad, v1.7.3, 271 MB, iOS 11.0, Thibault Brouardelle)

Here is a role-playing game that pays homage to the “Inflation RPG” with its own atypical universe.
Many items, many weapons! Optimize your gear to reach the end in a limited number of battles!

Ashes features a minimalist look to focus on gameplay.

Download the free game Ashes – Exponential RPG

ashes exponential rpg capture game ipa iphone ipad

otok icon game ipa iphone ipadotok (Game, , iPhone/iPad, v0.85, 169MB, iOS 12.0, Jaxon Gallegos Garcia) from €0.99 to €1.19.

It’s a “City Builder” type sandbox, no goals, just build your island as best you can with the buildings provided.

When you start the game gives you an island of 4×4 to 12×12 blocks, and the colors of the roofs, water, grass and trees, are randomly chosen.

You will then be given a random building that you can rotate and place where you want. After that, you will receive another building, to build a beautiful little island.

The current version is the second version, it includes two styles that were randomly given in the beginning.
More buildings will be added soon, according to the developer.

Download otok at €1.19

otok capture game ipa iphone ipad

redrawn tower icon game ipa iphone ipadReDrawn: The Tower (Game, Puzzle/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.0, 930MB, iOS 10.0, FFS Video Games Ltd.)

A mysterious tower holds the secrets of untold power and the little girl who holds it. Iris is the key to the future of your world and can bring her art to life, but an unknown evil wants to stop her from fulfilling her destiny. When he is captured and imprisoned somewhere in the tower, only you can save him and save the kingdom at the same time!

Another adventure full of puzzles and hidden objects! The free version allows you to try the game, but you have to pay to unlock it all.

Download the free game ReDrawn: The Tower

redrawn the tower capture game ipa iphone ipad

orixo hex icon game ipa iphone ipadOrixo Hex (Game, Puzzle/Board Games, iPhone/iPad, v1.1.1, 64MB, iOS 10.0, Logisk Studio Inc.)

If you liked Orixo, you’ll love Orixo Hex!

Like its predecessor, the objective is to fill all the empty hexagonal cells by respecting the correct sequence of actions. As simple as it sounds, it can be a real challenge.

Introducing an immersive and mysterious new puzzle through hundreds of hand-crafted levels, all encouraged by a relaxing soundtrack.

Download the free game Orixo Hex

orixo hex capture game ipa iphone ipad

ufo99 game icon ipa iphone ipadUFO99 (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 36MB, iOS 11, I Chen Sheng)

Show off your flying, speed and dodging skills with your favorite character!

Monsters may float in this colorful universe, so be careful! Get big hammers and smash them. Not only that, giant bosses are hiding in the Demon Key. Dodge their attacks, grab the magic items and defend yourself. Recover the long lost UFO99 letter gems!

The fiercest wants to get the highest rank on the leaderboards.

Download the free game UFO99

ufo99 capture game ipa iphone ipad

New paid games on iOS:

sands of salzaar icon game ipa iphone ipadSands of Salzaar (Game, Adventure/Role Playing, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.16, 1.6GB, iOS 10.0, XD Network Inc.) from €3.99 to €4.99.

Sands of Salzaar is an open-world action-strategy game set in a vast desert. Build and manage your forces, from a single unit to a mighty army, then lead them into massive battles against your enemies. Watch the trailer:

How you progress is up to you: customize your hero with a wide variety of skills and talents, choose which factions to ally with, and plan your strategies carefully to establish yourself as who do you want to be – a lonely loner, a rich merchant, a city lord, or a war schemer…

Download Sands of Salzaar for €4.99

sands of salzaar capture game ipa iphone ipad

cyber manhunt icon game ipa iphone ipadCyber ​​​​Manhunt (Game, Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.2.0, 794MB, iOS 11.0, DQM Games) from €3.99 to €4.99.

Cyber ​​​​Manhunt is a cybernetically styled, realistic, board-themed, story-rich indie game. The game takes place in the Republic of Alivia with a different theme, but the fate of the characters is closely related to it. It will focus on social issues like big data, hacking, privacy of citizens etc…

The studio aims to evoke the deep themes behind the stories with well-crafted plots and gamification. Attention, English is mandatory for this rather original game!

Download Cyber ​​​​Manhunt for €4.99

cyber manhunt capture game ipa iphone ipad

memorrha mobile icon game ipa iphoneMemorha Mobile (Game, Puzzle / Quiz, iPhone, v1.0, 454 MB, iOS 12.0, StickyStoneStudio GmbH) from €6.99 to €7.99.

Go on a journey of discovery in the footsteps of a mysterious culture.
Solve the mystery of the sleep machines and learn more about their creators. A diverse open world, full of fascinating puzzles and secrets, awaits you.

One hundred challenges to overcome through an adventure full of brain teasers and puzzles to solve.

Download Memorha Mobile for €7.99

memorrha mobile capture game ipa iphone

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