Reading Nights are back… also in Overseas France, from January 19 to 23

Reading Nights, created in 2017 and organized from 2022 by the National Book Center, will take place from January 19 to 23 in France and the Overseas Territories. They are placed this year under the theme of fear. Overview of some events abroad.

For seven years now, Nuits de la lecture has enabled various meetings and events in all kinds of places: bookstores, libraries, schools and universities, theaters, museums , hospitals and prisons. The aim is to show the important place of books in society and encourage people to read. In four nights, around 8,000 events will be organized in mainland France, the Overseas Territories and abroad within French institutes in particular.

The theme of this 7th edition is fear. ” From childhood, bad wolves, scary monsters, ghastly ogres and evil witches haunt our reading and the stories told to us. From children’s stories and books to fantasy stories, from dystopian science fiction sagas to detective stories, to contemporary stories and essays that deal with our intimate and collective fears in the face of crises we are going through, the motif of fear permeates literature and invites. us to explore all forms of narration and all reading formats… especially at night! », underline the event presentation file. The Overseas Territories, with their many stories, myths, legends and imaginary characters, should not be overtaken in the pantheon of fear.

Here are some events in the Overseas Territories (non-exhaustive list, see the program map here)

“The valiant shadows”, The Pebbles, Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante. This event will invite the public to evening readings in an unusual atmosphere. Texts, stories, short stories, poems, extracts from novels from the Caribbean and other horizons will be read by Marie-Galantais authors and historians such as Woz Bonbon and the public. The event will take place at a heritage site surrounded by nature. From Thursday January 19 to Saturday January 21 from 7 pm

Reading traditional Creole stories, Bois Rada middle school, Route de Boucan, Sainte-Rose. The establishment will offer its students, as well as all those who wish, the opportunity to discover the traditional Creole stories, “Tim Tim Bwa Sek”. Storytellers Benzo and Kilk will send shivers of fear into children and adults alike. Friday January 20 from 4 pm to 6:30 pm

Family workshops about fear, Agarande college, avenue des Îles, Kourou. At this event, children and their parents will attend restoration workshops led by actor and pedagogue Karim Troussi. From the beginning of January, he worked in a class so that each student could find their voice in the collective and face their fears through reading and expression. Thursday 19 and Friday 20 January (reserved for students).

Theatrical reading of Rémy Peru-Dumesnil’s novel, “Camille” (Ibis Rouge editions), library of Remire-Montjoly, Robert Sampson Ave. The actors will offer to read some fear-inducing passages, then invite the audience to read the passages. Author Rémy Peru-Dumesnil will be present for an hour of discussion followed by a signing session. Friday January 20 at 7 pm

The meeting
Storytelling and “sirandanes”, mountain library, 41 ruta des Palmiers, Saint Denis. Patricia Médioga will do a story reading of a book on the theme of fear and interact with the public with “sirandanes”, small riddles of daily life in Creole, for children from 5 years old . Saturday January 21 from 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm

Meetings about stories and fears, Le Pôle Nord restaurant, Anse Masse, Marigot. The establishment will invite all those who are curious and passionate about stories to meet during Reading Nights. Professionals or beginners, everyone can share local Martinican horror stories with the public, with characters like the red devil or the chouval twa pat. After this moment of readings, a group invention writing workshop will be offered to the participants to create a spooky short story, inspired by mysticism and the local environment. A theatrical reading must be performed and the most creative and terrifying story will be rewarded. Saturday January 21 at 7 pm

“Uku!” Mayotte Academy, Sarahangue Street, Mamoudzou. A day to be feared at night in all its forms! If we tell each other our fears in a read text, a written text, a spoken text… Each workshop in voluntary establishments will suggest “obscure objects” of fear and evoke the saying, reading and writing. Proposals can come from students or adults. Friday, January 20 from 7 am to 5 pm

“My friend fear”, library of the University of Polynesia, rue Nina Peata, comment Maeva lost her mother. He went to his family’s house to look for something. In this sleeping place the fear of his little girl will wake up… Has she overcome it all? A show by artists Tania Jurkiewicz and Nadège Gabbero.

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