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We meet today for an important Star Wars Legion rules update by Atomic Mass Games.

At first, you will see here, the updating of points by units and by improvements. Mainly intended for competitive games, but it’s always interesting to practice using these same rules. Small evolution for the Empire that only sees the Mortar points of the Shoretroopers change, as well as the cost of the DLT-19D of the Deathtroopers. The rebel alliance remains unchanged. Most of the changes are for the republic, which sees its cost reduced compared to the previous season: the units concerned are the following: ARC-Trooper (and their assault teams) as well as stage 2. I will let you consult all these changes in the reference booklet (in English).

So now the rules, there have been many changes: I will not list all the changes made, but I will try to summarize the important points:

  • Climbing : the displacement in the structures is defined. A miniature can no longer be half a structure, it must be complete. Movement in structures is easier, it no longer depends on dice rolls or upgrades like “Ascending Cables”. Your unit must be at the foot of the obstacle, the height will be measured with the span segment (image 1), then you place your movement template (the one in 1) to place your unit leader (image 2). If the platform fits into the segment, you will be able to move to the top of it with a movement base of 1. Notched units can no longer be high.
  • The cutlery: Good and there it is…open bar. At the beginning of the game you have to decide with your opponent which cover is considered Heavy (reduction of 2 hits) / Light (reduction of one hit). It’s not too bad, at least there won’t be any spats… normally.
  • Silhouette: if you play competitively you are used to playing silhouettes to know the sight lines of your miniatures, this silhouette has changed both for units (image 1) and for non-mechanized mounted ones unit (picture 2). And from now on for the sight lines of cars, it will be necessary to get a cylinder with the base of the top of your car. This cylinder does not take into account antennas, and armaments, but really just the “frame” of the vehicle. BUT, or there is a but my beautiful lady, it is that we still leave you the choice at the beginning of the game to define your silhouettes…. Basically you do what you want!
  • Prevention : You will no longer see units running to kill themselves on the edge of the table. Maintaining a suppression value equal to or greater than the courage value removes an action from you. If the value is doubled, it does nothing, even if it claims a purpose. However, at the end of its activation, the unit may remove one point of suppression equal to its courage value. (1 point of suppression for a courage value of 1, 3 for 3 courage etc.) This is in addition to the rally phase.
  • To skip the turn: If you have fewer activatable units than your opponent, you can pass your turn. This allows you to establish a strategy of the event and thus disrupt the plans of your opponent. Note that this “inaction” is only possible once per turn.
  • Damage to vehicles: From now on, mechanized unit repair can waive its fine (the Objection) if the vehicle is repaired and its resistance exceeds its card value. And because you can not “recover” a penalty, when your amount of Objection will be overtaken again, the car will not have a new penalty.

Here are the main lines, there are many subtleties that I haven’t mentioned here, so feel free to wander around. For information, there are no rules about improvements, but only keywords, a priori there will be a third booklet for improvements.

If you are a fan of indecisiveness, but you do not want to fill yourself with the whole guide, know that a new group has been named (without further details) and it is called…… Ewok!

Good day to you and may the force be in your favor!

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