Take a look at Tchia: This Zelda Breath of the Wild game on PS5 will blow your mind

take a peek Tchia: This Zelda Breath of the Wild game on PS5 will surprise you

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The result of the work of nine enthusiasts, Tchia will offer you in 2023 a topical open world in the skin of a young adventurer who is not afraid to climb to the top of the trees and soar in the air.

Since dreaming up the platform game Fossil Echo (2016), the Awaceb studio, whose name is borrowed from New Caledonian slang that roughly translates as “everything is fine” or “no worries”, has been diligently working on a project more ambitious. From two, the team has now grown to nine talents motivated to write a great love letter to the culture of New Caledonia, 40% of them from. This year, the tropical open-world adventure game Tchia will make us deliver the father of an eponymous heroine from the hands of a terrible tyrant; an experience that promises an unprecedented journey near the blue lagoons of fictional islands.

Blind exploration

Without an introduction, the preview takes us to some time after the beginning of the journey of young Tchia, the heroine of this world who currently seems to be in no great danger. Our first mission: bring delicious crab to the matriarch of a quiet village inhabited by a few huts. It’s hard to extend it to the scenario, still barely sketched in some lovely cinematics dubbed into French by hot-voiced local talent. Our hero thanks us for his share of dialogues in Drehu, one of the most spoken Kanak languages ​​on the island of Lifou, in the Coral Sea. The gallery of characters shows a certain beauty in this matter and we hope to meet all the faces that make up the journey.

Dropped into a sandbox of sorts in the open world, it’s through trial and error that we learn to master the intricacies of our lush environment as well as operate our beautiful makeshift raft. And only after long minutes spent reading unexpected directional signs and climbing mountains with hands so that Tchia could get his bearings from the highest peak of the island does a compass. a subtlety that makes sense in this exploration of wild nature and the intention we can only love.

At first glance, Tchia doesn’t shine with its technical features, suffering from clipping and numerous animation hiccups ; the panoramas are no less touching, especially when the twilight lights reach the villages. A view enveloped by beautiful melodies played on the flute and very soft percussion. Also, the adventure will give you some musical breaks by the fireside that you’ll probably never have the pleasure of hearing elsewhere. Although we haven’t had the chance to explore the full extent of the map and therefore have no real idea of ​​its total area, some biomes visited stand out with some subtleties in their fauna and flora. , which also has its own glossary. We would also have appreciated the addition of collectibles or manuscripts capable of bringing more substance to the tradition of this very fascinating universe; and in this sense, it is good to talk to the few passers-by who cross here and there who are generally content to perform the journey or the task assigned to them by dropping a predetermined sentence.

An ocean of ideas

Awaceb’s proposal is full of good ideas; Tchia can learn the notes of incantations to play on her ukulele to change the time of day or to summon the appearance of animals; very useful because the child prodigy can control any cross animal, in addition to a small number of objects such as stones that we will quickly note. Birds and aquatic creatures will be favored to quickly traverse the waves and air at the expense of less interesting animals. Unfortunately, for now, this extraordinary teacher seems to have essentially limited its usefulness in travel.

Owning creatures consumes an auto-recharging stamina gauge, which also appears when you climb relatively steep heights or climb above villages by parachuting with a giant leaf. Tchia is able to climb almost any surface and can even swing from the tops of trees to jump. All of these settings work well and inevitably make the commute more enjoyable, although our young son is certainly not the fastest on the island when it comes to running.

Among the many small activities that you can enjoy within Tchia, also count on taking photos that will perhaps remind you of the peaceful walk of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, the stacking of rocks, the challenges of running on the skin of a shark or the sculpture. of totems, which open the doors of sacred temples where certain benefits reside. Finally, the cloth soldiers created by the game’s villain, Meavora, are ready for battles that you can easily escape from. So don’t expect Tchia to embark on crazy action sequences, that’s not what adventure is all about. that the essence of his adventures has not yet been revealed to us.

Tchia: This Zelda Breath of the Wild game on PS5 will surprise youTchia: This Zelda Breath of the Wild game on PS5 will surprise you

Our impressions

At present, Tchia still has a lot to show us: its scenario, although promising, is still barely noticed and its islands are far from revealing all their sights. Technically, the game still deserves to be refined to offer an experience as immersive as the heat. But its anthology of great ideas and its undeniable cachet make it an absolutely fascinating project from which a certain virtue emerges. A beautiful love letter to the islands of New Caledonia, where we sincerely look forward to exploring all the expanses. The release of Tchia is planned for the beginning of the year on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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