Manga and video game characters, this Moselle teaches you how to draw them on Tik Tok

A newcomer to social networks, Bytiddraw has already gained the appreciation of more than 10,000 subscribers on Tik Tok. He draws live or replayed characters from manga, video games, movies or creates portraits of his subscribers.

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Don’t put all “influencers” in the same basket. Bytiddraw (pronounced in English By Ti Draw) is a Mosellen, which offers you, on social networks, and specifically on Tik Tok, to teach you how to draw. Free.

Thierry Blanchard, alias Bytiddraw, does not sell anything, does not exchange anything, which explains why he can start with manga character models, video games, science fiction movies, or any other subject of inspiration: “I did not sell anything, so the question of rights did not arise.” His demos, his tutorials, he dedicates them to well-known pop culture characters, which he does live or on sped-up video. First, a line in pencil, then an outline on black felt- tip pen, and finally , coloring Ideal if you too are looking to copy your favorite characters without knowing where to start.

The artist feels inspired by manga and anime, such as the Dragon Ball universe of the mangaka Toyotaro, while having a predilection for the Belgian cartoonist of comics, Midam and his “Kid Paddle”, or wider comics. and American comics. But his greatest admiration goes to Salvador Dali, “which extrapolates his way of thinking“. As for his favorite character, he admits, it is Darth Vader, from the Star Wars saga. A very wide range of sources of inspiration.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm, he offers his subscribers an hour of drawing, where he distills his advice. Beware purists! Bytiddraw knows how to insert his personal touch, his artist’s touch, which makes the reproduction unique. “In my drawings, I take my own creative liberties, with light, with facial features. I draw them as I see them and not as they really are.“Pure reproduction lovers, go your way.

Thierry did not follow any academic training, and found his tips and benchmarks on his own. “I have always practiced drawing as an autodidact, since I was six years old” he explains, “I don’t have an academic approach and sometimes I get criticized for it“. But he goes on to say with some pride that comments from critical subscribers are often more restrained and appreciate the result.”Oh yes! I didn’t necessarily see it that way” ends up identifying some subscribers with more conformist practices.

Regularly, his direct is followed by 1,000 people, with a peak of 1,200, which he is very proud of.

This 36-year-old father launched himself on social networks, following a kind of challenge, launched by one of his young friends. The profession was an electrician, then he practiced drawing for himself. He accepted the challenge, perhaps not quite believing it. Faced with the success he has already achieved, he wants to dream of practicing drawing again, “because success is doing what you love“, but do not want to rush things. First, build a reputation, little by little, then hope that the snowball effect of the networks will begin, by multiplying the number of its subscribers.

One of his pleasures also consists in describing his subscribers, like here, or even a person, who randomly crosses the street. He is also happy to sketch, in his own way, some stars, like Johnny or the singer, actor and host Kamini, who liked his picture, or the footballer Olivier Giroud. It would seem that other actors would ask him to sketch their portraits, but hush, he won’t say more.

He ensured, in his digital adventure, the support of his wife, his children and his friends, ensuring for him the moderation of comments on live broadcasts. A harmonious and united association, because no one gets anything from it, except the pleasure of sharing, talking and exchanging. “We work all week. We tend to forget the most important: communication and sharing. So there, it allows us to raise a small level and give more importance to a passion. It has no price.“Besides, only after her little ones are asleep does she allow herself to devote herself to her passion.

And as if these free online courses weren’t enough, it also offers real workshops this time. He is regularly welcomed around a large creative leisure store, in the suburbs of Metz, with his equipment and his talent. Then he offers customers to draw their picture and present it to them. To those who ask, he shows tips and spends time with them. “In the morning, attracting people is sometimes a bit complicated; they come to shop, they are stressed and believe that we want to sell them something. When we challenge them and tell them “come and see, I will make your picture for you”, they reply “I have no money”. But when we finally convinced some, people were happy“. And that’s all he’s looking for, to make people happy through his art.

If these hopes come true, he hopes to set up some kind of partnership with a creative leisure equipment brand, to reduce his equipment budget. A first step was also taken in this direction, for the next planned workshop, where for the first time, the store will provide him with pencils. Little by little, he said. But above all, he has no problem promoting products he doesn’t use.

Bytiddraw is to meet January 21 in Montigny-lès-Metzat the Cultura Store for a workshop.

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