New Adam Sandler Movies Coming to Netflix

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Adam Sandler and his production company Happy Maddison Productions, is a powerful production company for Netflix. Below, we’ve got everything the actor and his production company have planned to stream on Netflix in 2023 and beyond.

Of course, Adam Sandler has been making movies for Netflix exclusively for years, with 7 feature films, a stand-up special, and several films produced by his banner, Happy Madison. The deal has been in place for several years, although it was renewed in January 2020 for four additional feature films.

Let’s take a look back at all the Adam Sandler/Happy Madison movies released on Netflix so far:

  • Haste – Released on June 8, 2022
  • Home-Team – Released on January 28, 2022
  • hubby halloween – Released on October 7, 2020
  • The Wrong Missy – Released on May 13, 2020
  • Murder and Mystery – Released on June 14, 2019
  • ADAM SANDLER 100% FRESH – Released on October 23, 2018
  • father of the year – Released on July 20, 2018
  • The week of – Released on April 27, 2018
  • Sandy Wexler – Released on April 14, 2017
  • The Do-Over – Released on May 27, 2016
  • The Funny 6 – Released on December 11, 2015

A notable exception to this list is Uncut gemstones which was released under the A24 banner in the United States (where it no longer airs). However, Netflix still owns all international distribution rights to the film.

If you want to see all Adam Sandler movies in your area, Netflix has a category code for “Welcome to the Sandlerverse” (81614575).

Movies starring Adam Sandler are coming to Netflix

Murder Mystery 2

Coming to Netflix: March, 31st

murder mystery 2 netflix movie march 2023

Murder Mystery 2 – Image: Netflix

In a long time the first Murder and Mystery held fifth place on the list of most-watched Netflix Originals movies (according to statistics announced by Netflix) but has since been replaced. Will a sequel top it? We will find out soon enough.

A sequel has been in development since 2019 following the success of the first film, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reprising their roles as Spitz.

The film was shot at the beginning of the year 2022, to be completed in April 2022. Among the filming locations for the sequel, there is Paris.


Coming to Netflix: November 22

leo netflix movie november 2023 min

Leo – Image: Netflix

Previously installed on STX Entertainment, Leo is the new animated film from the team of Sandler, who plays Leo, a class pet about to experience his last year of elementary school.

We also see Bill Burr, Cecily Strong, Jason Alexander and Rob Schneider in this new movie.

man in space (Original Spaceman of Bohemia)

Coming to Netflix: Fall 2023

spaceman adam sandler bohemia netflix movie

Image: Getty Images

Our most anticipated Sandler Netflix Original yet is Spaceman of Bohemia and we will finally see it at the end of 2023.

Directed by Johan Renck, the film will follow the humble beginnings of a young orphan who eventually grows up in a remote region of the Czech Republic to become an astronaut.

It is an adaptation of a well-known book, and the film was shot between April and July 2021 with a budget of between $30 million and $50 million.

You are not invited to my bahmitzvah.

You are not invited to my bahmitzvah.

Image: Getty Images

Happy Madison Productions and Alloy Entertainment are teaming up for this new comedy film based on Fiona Rosenbloom’s book to shoot in Toronto between June and August 2022.

The film’s plot revolves around a young girl’s bat mitzvah that gets into a fight that threatens to ruin one of the most important events of her youth.

Untitled project by the Safdie brothers

adam sandler safdie brothers netflix

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for GreenSlate

After the success of Uncut gems, The Safdie brothers and Sandler are teaming up for a new project that will focus on baseball cards in New York in the 90s.

Other than that, we know very little about the upcoming project, so watch this space.

An untitled Noah Baumbach/Brad Pitt/Adam Sandler film

In December 2022, the NYPost reported that Noah Baumbach was set to direct a new film starring Sandler and Pitt.

Happy Madison Movies Coming to Netflix

Note: Adam Sandler will executive produce these projects, but not necessarily star.

The Unlawful

Coming to Netflix: 2023

the out laws movie netflix

The cast of Netflix’s The Out-Laws.

Tyler Spindel will direct this new great action film shot at the end of 2021.

Here’s what you can expect:

“Owen Browning is a powerful bank manager who is about to marry the love of his life, Parker. When his bank is robbed by the notorious Ghost Bandits the week of his wedding, he believes his future in-laws who just arrived in town are the notorious Out-Laws. »

Among the amazing actors gathered for The Unlawful with Pierce Brosnan, Michael Rooker, Nina Dobrev, Ellen Barkin, Richard Kind, Julie Hagerty and Poorna Jagannathan.

Rumors of Adam Sandler projects in development

There are many rumors about the projects that Adam Sandler wants or plans to return to, but without official confirmation, we cannot include them above.

Here are some of the rumored projects in development with Sandler as star or producer:

  • Sequels to some of Sandler’s classic films have been announced, including Happy Gilmore, billy madison and The Waterboy.
  • Rumors of a fourth film starring Drew Barrymore and Sandler are swirling after the pair said that since it’s a new decade, they need to get back together.
  • The Wrong Miss, starring David Spade, was supposed to have a sequel, but it was scrapped.

Which Sandler movie are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below.

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