What activities will the children do in January? which one to offer them this winter to not be bored?

Since it is not always easy to occupy them during the winter months, sometimes it is necessary to compete with the imagination to find them ideas for fun activities. However, simple solutions are usually a safe bet, trust my experience! What activities will children try in January 2023 to have a good time with the family? Take advantage of our diverse selection of indoor and outdoor activities!

What activities do children choose in winter?

Let’s start with some ideas for outdoor activities, because even when it’s cold, you need to get outside to get some fresh air. If it’s snowing, fill some spray bottles with colored water. Then let the kids use them in the snow. The water will freeze and the colored patches will become ice. How to proceed? To get water washable color, all you have to do is pull the markers out of the pencils and let them soak for a few minutes in the water. In fact, know that when the pencils stop writing, there is still a lot of ink in the tubes. In the same vein, you can use your chalks to draw on sheets of ice. Results guaranteed!

As physical activity, frozen animal usually met with great success. It’s very simple: one child plays the role of a snowman and the others are polar animals. The goal of the game? The snowman must catch the polar animals. When he hits one, he freezes it. The latter must remain an unmoving statue. When all the animals are frozen, the first animal caught becomes the snowman for the next round.

Finally, a little snow basketball, Do you want ? This is another possibility of sports activity for children! To do this, place the empty baskets on the side and roll the snowballs as close to the basket as possible. The object of the game is to have the most snowballs in your basket. Simple and original at the same time, right?

what activities for kids in snow winter 2023

What to do with the family in January?

making your figure 2023 in children's activities

Sometimes, with nothing to do in the winter, you have to resolve to stay inside. As television and video games quickly reach their limits as bad weather activities, we must take action! Let’s go back to simple things with paper and pencil.

What if you did funny guys ? Like this:

  • Cut an A4 sheet in 2 lengthways to get 2 pieces of paper
  • Take a strip in the direction of height
  • Draw a head
  • Fold the strip that hides your design

The next player continues the figure by adding the bust. Then he folded the strip in turn. Next draw his legs, and his feet to finish. Older children can add more details such as:

  • a hat
  • a scarf
  • pockets
  • a handbag

Finally, all you have to do is vote to find a name for your funny animal!

Another idea? A paper silhouette ! First, unroll a roll of kraft paper or an old road map on the floor. Then, ask your child to lie on it, slightly spreading his arms and legs. Then, sketch its silhouette with a large dark marker. All he had to do was draw the rest. Face, clothes or shoes, she will make sure no one forgets!

Finally, for seniors, nothing beats the mirror drawing. To do this, first place your child in front of a sheet, marker in hand. Then, set up a small mirror on the table behind its sheet. The child should be able to see his hand and his blanket. Finally, he will have to track what he sees without looking anywhere but what he sees in the mirror. Laughter guaranteed!

What activities for children to spend the winter? Board games!

crazy cups family board game 2023

Here, let’s end with a safe bet: board games. Let’s start with a game accessible to all types of players, young and old. The Paku-Paku is a game of skill and speed. The goal of the game is simple: you have to avoid collecting 10 penalty points by quickly winning green “happy pandas” faces to give your dice to your neighbor. If you land on a red face “stack of dishes”, you must stack a plate, a bowl or a cup balanced on the board. Penalty points are for those who accumulate too many dice or drop the pile of dishes.

Second option, the Crazy Cups which can be played by up to 4 players and from 6 years old. How do we play it? The principle is both simple and original. Each player has five colored cups. On each turn, all players must stack or line them up as fast as the cards. The first to answer the challenge rings the bell and wins the point if the combination is correct. Dasn the other players give him a funny token!

Let’s finish this top 3 in the cult board game par excellence that will delight young and old: the monopoly ! With this, you are guaranteed many happy moments with your family. In addition, this strategy game will also allow children to learn how to manage their money. Not bad, right?

Monopoly family activities 2023

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