What is the best board game strategy to choose in 2023?

The principle of strategy games is very simple: develop a strategy to achieve victory. They are a great pastime for adults and an interesting way to boost logical sense in children. Exercise your brain, make thoughtful decisions, be cunning… In these parts of the game, intelligence and anticipation are needed. There are strategy games for all ages and on different themes: card games, cooperative games, war games, escape games…

Choosing the best board games strategy in 2023

7 Wonders: a classic toy library

7 Wonders – DR

7 Wonders is a competitive game, which has become a great classic of strategy games. At the head of one of the 7 greatest cities of Antiquity, you must make your civilization flourish. In this card and strategy game, players progress through different levels: military, commercial, scientific… Manage your resources as much as possible, build amazing wonders and win victory against your opponents.


  • A masterpiece of strategy in board games;
  • Beautiful graphics;
  • No latency: all players play simultaneously.

The lower:

  • The price is quite high;
  • Played from 3 players (from 3 to 7 players).

Catan: An Exploration Game

Catan – DR

Welcome to the medieval world! Catan has become a classic strategy game. At the head of a small group of explorers, you settle on the island of Catan. From the raw materials and resources present in the territory, you explore the surroundings and become a real builder. To achieve this, you must cooperate with other players. Catan is accessible from 10 years old.


  • There is no elimination during the game;
  • The game rules are easy to understand;
  • Possible extensions: sailors, barbarians and merchants, cities and knights;
  • A fluid game, with relatively fast games.

The lower:

  • An element of chance must be considered.

Living Forest: a magical strategy game

Living Forest – DR

Your mission in this game: save a sacred tree from the fire. You are in the shoes of a forest spirit and you must do everything to save the forest. For this, you rely on guardian animals. Use reflection to take relevant actions that allow you to grow. 3 types of actions are possible: plant protective trees, harvest sacred flowers or put out fires. Make a good choice! This excellent game won the As d’Or for Game of the Year in the “Initiated” category at the 22nd edition of the Cannes International Games Festival.


  • A beautiful, very poetic universe;
  • A game of observing others;
  • Many game mechanics: deckbuilding, stop or even collection.

The lower:

  • Reading the rules may seem a bit complicated at first.

The King’s Dilemma: A Narrative Strategy Game

The King's Dilemma
The King’s Dilemma – DR

This strategy game is a card game. You draw events and you must act and decide. Throughout the game, you face various dilemmas. The story progresses gradually, to the rhythm of your political, military, social or even economic decision-making. You are the head of a Kingdom House, just like all the other players. It is up to you to move forward between the good of the Kingdom and the good of your House. A masterpiece in the field of legacy games, for a truly unforgettable gaming experience.


  • A superb and addictive narrative game;
  • Exciting game;
  • A very immersive universe.

The lower:

  • The price is quite high.

Risk: indefinite

Risk – DR

Danger is on the game shelves of many families. And for good reason, it’s an unbeatable strategy game. Accessible from 10 years old, this board game and conquests promise great games. The goal: conquer the world with your army. For this, you will make decisions, act or fight battles. Every action you take has consequences!


  • A great classic to discover strategy games;
  • Accessible to children from 10 years old.

The lower:

  • The design has changed slightly over the years, but remains effective.

Azul: an accessible strategy game

Azul – DR

You are plunged into the 16th century! King Manuel I of Portugal has returned from a trip to Spain. He discovered the famous Alhambra there and was fascinated by its clay tiles. He wanted to decorate his palace with these tiles. You must complete a line of tiles to build your own tiles. This strategy game is accessible from 8 years old.


Simple rules to understand;

  • A game for everyone, very fluid;
  • material quality;
  • Short game of about thirty minutes.

The lower:

  • A surprising theme, that of tiling, but nevertheless promises exciting games!

Splendor: a great competitive game

Brilliance – DR

Splendor is a fast and intuitive game. Rules are late for less than 5 minutes. It can be played by 2 to 4 players. You are the leader of a group of traders. You buy cards and you anticipate the moves of your opponents. The goal of the game is simple: get the most points. The theme quickly became secondary and players focused on the principle of the game, relying on the mechanics of building the engine. The more you understand how the game works, the more strategic the games become. An exciting game, accessible to everyone.


  • The rules are easy to understand;
  • Short game of 30 minutes;
  • Possible extensions: cities, trading posts, west…

The lower:

  • The game feels a bit repetitive after a few games.

What is a strategy game?

With most existing board games, it’s not always easy to navigate. Strategy games occupy a special place.

In strategy board games, tactics and decision making are the basis of how a game unfolds. They rely as much as possible on chance. On the contrary, hope, logic, intelligence are the keys. The goal of the game is to achieve a victory, either with other players or in the game itself (if it is a cooperative strategy game).

They are experiencing a real craze on the part of toy library fans. Some are also built into smartphones or consoles.

What are the different types of strategy games?

There are strategy games, based on different game mechanics:

  • Military games: it is a question of defeating enemies or conquering territories.
  • Puzzle games: the goal is to discover a treasure or to solve an investigation.
  • Card games: they are often used to make decisions.
  • Management games: you may need to manage resources correctly to win a game.
  • Escape games: thanks to the hints, you must escape from a place.

Throw yourself into a game of board game strategies and use your wits! Anticipate the behavior of your opponents, develop tactics, do not rely on chance… In other words, let yourself be caught in the game!

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