Beware of the boar in the woods, the love of books, where secularism nests… Your contributions of the week

An esplanade in the name of Samuel Paty, problem??

“Naming an esplanade after Samuel Paty seems to be a problem for the municipality of Nevers.

In fact, it was a popular political decision, and to put it back in the service of the City’s Public domain, shows the shame of the elected officials. To request the intervention of said service is to throw oneself into a community service whose sole and essential function is the technical and administrative implementation of the political decisions made by those elected by the people.

Will there be a problem with the interpretation of the principles of secularism by some elected officials, or is it to avoid challenges from a religious minority […] or is it extra caution from National Education to avoid any problems or is it, quite simply, reluctance on the part of our city councillors?? The future will tell. Business to follow, hoping that our democracy represented by those who voted for the Neversois, will not be laughed at again?! “

yves bertin

Has passion

“Passionate about books, the content, the object itself, I appropriate it so much that I think the writer wrote it for me. Sometimes I write about this book, d register my emotions, my opinion…

Whether it’s sad, touching, narrating the life of a famous character, of a bygone era, a book should be savored, read slowly, it brings us happiness. Imagine ourselves in a few years: no more books, but a computer. The lines will scroll, lingering there is no longer possible. […]

Thank you dear lady [en référence au coup de gueule “Fichez la paix aux gens nés avant 1940”] for this very well written article, thank you to those who make up our lives and who find themselves deprived of the most important: human relationships”

Mrs. Martinot-Tredez

The picture of the week

The increasingly mild winter gives us only a few rare opportunities to photograph frozen landscapes. This is why there is no need to doubt the 18th of December. I left early in the morning to explore the countryside and couldn’t help but immortalize this view of the church of Sermoise-sur-Loire.

From this cold-whitened landscape, a certain silence emerged and the silence was only interrupted by the flight of a few common cranes. Let’s learn to look at nature, appreciate it, and above all save it?!

Text and photos Sylvie Augendre

little rant

“Good news for the Bucéennes and the Bucéens. Our amiable deputy mayor, Alain Roche, informs us that the Bussy-la-Pesle street signs are about to be put up… Quotes are pending for on the poles needed for their installation. As indicated by the Mayor, who is concerned about the safety of these citizens, it is certain that the process of securing the D129 will see the light of day… As a reminder, an educational radar and a speed limit of 30 km / h is requested… “

John Poudenas

let’s wander in the forest

“Today my dog ​​told me a story.

I know, it’s weird, hard to believe?!

And yet, while walking in the forest

Clifford stopped, looked at me and said:

”Do you want to hear the story of the wild boar??”

I pretended not to be surprised

To hear my dog ​​talking: go on I tell him?!

I’m in a thicket, he told me, sniffling

Some smell of game, when I suddenly saw it

Before me, a very beautiful and shining snout,

A big boar, a beautiful silk skin.

Out of the two of them, he’s the scariest?!

For me, therefore, it was the surprise that knocked me over.

I followed him for miles, miles.

He turned, asked me, smiling:

”You see, the dog, we are both animals.

Let’s make common cause, not kill each other?!

Men crazy enough to go to war?!

Useless, for us, to want to imitate them?!”

I said to myself: ”Does this loner have any sense?!

Really, why do bad things for no reason??

To eat, they give me enough at home?!”

I said goodbye to my new friend in the woods

I hope I can find him next time.

So, Clifford told me, no more in the forest

I can’t continue any game.

Don’t expect me to be a hunting dog

I prefer to remain more modest, from another class?!

Since that day, I see my dog ​​differently.

I didn’t hesitate to ask his opinion.

On subjects we don’t know.

Because, let’s face it, it’s made for that, friends?!”

Roger Rigaud

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