Culture and customs… In Orléans, this Saturday, we celebrate the terroir and the local wines

She features local products and shares her love of the land. The oenogastronomic brotherhood of AOC Orléans and Orléans-Cléry wines celebrates its 20th anniversary on Saturday January 21, “in the year of grace 2023”. A friendly but solemn moment, with the induction into the brotherhood of various personalities including representatives Caroline Janvier (Renaissance) and Richard Ramos (Modem).

“A culture, a custom…”

“In the National Assembly, we are 577 pieces of France. Brotherhood is a culture, custom. It seeks and appreciates the history of a region”, affirmed the last, fervent “defender of the countryside” .
The wine of Orleans, “this juice that refreshes the palate”, draws its strength from the Loire.

“It gives the juice of the vines a balance that can only be found there”, underlined Alain Sénéchal, grand master of the brotherhood, in front of 140 people from all walks of life.

A tribute to Saint Vincent

A ceremony also organized in honor of Saint Vincent, the patron saint of French vineyards. Each year, the brotherhood meets on the third weekend of January, in his honor (his feast day is January 22). On the stage of the Museum of Fine Arts auditorium, his statue sits in front of the fraternity members.
A brotherhood created to “enhance Orleans wines compared to other wines from the Loire Valley and Bordeaux. But also to promote all local products”, continues the brotherhood’s honorary grand master, Jean- Francois Pornin.

Other members share the culture of Orleans

Members of the fraternity of sailors of the Loire were also part of this great family. Composed mainly of Compagnons chalandiers d’Orléans, it does not create local products, unlike other members of the Wine and Food Brotherhood of AOC Orléans and Orléans-Cléry wines. “But we share the culture of the territory and together, we participate in moments of unity”, explains Gilbert Gaujard, member of the brotherhood of sailors of the Loire.

Gastronomy and tradition: behind the scenes of an induction ceremony with a Loiret brotherhood

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European trips throughout the year

Throughout the year, the AOC Orléans and Orléans-Cléry fraternity of wine and food travel throughout Europe to “highlight the city, the department and the region. Today (Saturday 21 January), we welcome the fraternities French and European, with Belgian members. There are more than 4,000 brotherhoods in France”, defined Jean-François Pornin… One of them has been defending its beloved region of Orleans for more than twenty years.

Nicolas Bonton

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