OLYMPIC GAMES: Partnership between Equans and L’Avi Sourire for the 2024 Paralympic Games

Equans France and L’Avi Sourire signed a sponsorship contract this morning to support Alexis Sanchez and, with him, to make 2024 a springboard for disabled sport and adapted sport.

This action reflects Equans’ desire to support high-level sports employees with disabilities. Avi Sourire shares this ambition to achieve the inclusion of all through sport and can count on the commitment of all stakeholders: the City of Marseille, the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Aix-Marseille University and the French Committee of Paralympic and Sports.

It takes discipline and discipline to meet the Paralympic challenge

Many Equans employees with disabilities practice high-level sports. This has led the world leader in the energy and services sector to commit, as part of its integration policy, to support its employees, help them and give them the means to meet their challenges. This is the case of Alexis Sanchez who works in the research and development department of SCLE SFE in Marseille, an entity of the Equans group. Following a road accident, Alexis Sanchez had to have both legs amputated. He discovered rowing at the rehabilitation center. “I immediately had the click and desire to participate in the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. This determination is the inexhaustible source of my motivation because this goal is demanding, physically and mentally,” explained Alexis Sanchez. The discipline is leading him to train 10 times a week with a variety of exercises, from the gym to rowing to hand cycling.

“The preparation also has a collective dimension. Training, sports and nutrition advice, motivation are all key factors that Alexis can rely on at the club. The mobilization of all actors, institutions, communities and companies like Equans, invites us to look further and be ambitious. Along with Alexis, it’s really the entire family of disabled sports that should take advantage of this momentum. 2024 is a unique opportunity to change the way we look at disabled sports, at the highest level as well as for daily training”, defined Serge Guende, President of L’Avi Sourire.

Equans promise

Through the sponsorship of sports clubs, Equans aims to allow employees with disabilities to benefit from an environment adapted to the training of high-level sport. The financial commitment to L’Avi Sourire, in the amount of 13,000 euros per year, is valid for 3 years to consider the sports project as a whole. “Equans wants to encourage the practice of high-level sports for employees with disabilities. Like the ambition of Alexis Sanchez, employee of our entity SCLE SFE preparing for the Paralympic Games, we are proud to support L’Avi Sourire and commit ourselves to make 2024 a real springboard and accelerate the development of integration through sport. In addition to sponsorship, we facilitate the training of our high-level athletes on a practical level, hoping that they can take part in the games and continue to dream of a medal”, summarizes Gilles Cotte, Development Director of Equans France .

About Club L’Avi Sourire

Created in 2003, Avi Sourire aims to promote social inclusion through sport of people with all types of disabilities, and to make sport accessible to people with mental, physical, psychological or sensory disabilities. . From initiation to competition, from health sports to corporate sport, from students to retired people, our association wants to be a strong vector of diversity and the creation of social relationship centered on the values ​​and benefits of sport. The association also positions itself as a place of exchange for families and seekers through its vitality, its incentive to practice sport, and its moments of reunion to support its members in their everyday mental and physical well-being. In addition to rowing, 8 sports are offered for beginners through our unique system in France, Sports Handi Nautiques Corbière. Our association law 1901 is affiliated with several federations and has several labels. https://lavisourire.fr/

About Equans France

Rooted in a history of more than a century, Equans is the new world leader in the Energies & Services sector with great ambitions in France, especially thanks to Ineo and Axima. Relying on the high territorial density synonymous with proximity, its 27,000 employees in France support their customers to meet the challenges of the triple transition, energy, industrial and digital. Equans works to achieve carbon-free production, digitize processes and boost the contributing economy. Electrical engineering, climate control, refrigeration, fire safety, IT and telecommunications, digital solutions: the complementary expertise of Equans is deployed in France through a unique combination of multi-technical skills for design, construction and installation projects as well as for operation and maintenance services. Equans connect, protect and supply territories, cities, buildings, factories and infrastructure with energy flows. In 2021, Equans will achieve a turnover of 5 billion euros. www.equans.fr

About Equans

Equans is a world leader in the Energy and Services sector, established in 20 countries, with 95,000 employees working on 5 continents and an annual turnover of more than 17 billion euros. Equans designs, installs and provides customized solutions to enhance its customers’ equipment, systems and technical processes and optimize their use in the context of their energy, industrial and digital transitions . Thanks to a strong territorial footprint linked to its historic local brands and an excellent technical know-how, Equans’ highly qualified experts are able to support territories, cities, industries, buildings in the field of HVAC ( heating, ventilation and air conditioning) , refrigeration and fire safety, facilities management, digital and ICT, electricity, mechanics and robotics. Equans is the leader in the main European markets (France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom) and is also well positioned in the United States.[1]United and Latin America. Equans is a company of the Bouygues group. www.equans.com

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