Will Enzo, superchampion of “Slam” become a grand master of TV games?

From Essonne, Enzo, 19, is the biggest “Slam” winner. He participated in the “Quiz des champions” with 9 masters of TV games from France 2, France 3 and TF1. (© Christophe Lartige / FTV.)

For 40 weeks he shone France 3 next to Cyril Feraud, being the greatest champion in the history of “Slam” game show. At only 19 years old, Enzowon the right to participate in “Test of Champions” broadcast this Saturday, January 21, 2023 at France 2.

The 10 champions of his TV games from France 2, France 3 and TF1 compete

An All-Star Game type of TV game, the show will put together 10 champions, masters of game programs, broadcast on France 2, France 3 and TF1.

Everyone will compete throughout the night during four sleeves that will test their skills.

In the program: issues of speedlists, but also MCQquestions to gust of wind or sabotage themes.

The boy from Essonne will be part of the party and face Cyril Féraud to become the champion of champions and win the €20,000 to donate to the organization of his choice.

“Something happened to me to be in the middle of all these champions. I had the impression of being part of a shock team, but also of being the sheep among the wolves”, smiled Enzo.

A passion for TV games born in childhood

The young resident of The City of Wood has been watching game shows since he was little. “I liked it more Motus and Numbers and Letters »he recalled.

Videos: currently on Actu

But his adventure on TV games actually start at the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year.

“That year, I took a year off, which gave me time to watch the show every day and while playing, I realized that I’m not so bad,” said the ‘Essonnian, who is considered a person to high potential intellectual (HPI).

Months passed and Enzo convinced himself that he could too try your luck : “the day after I turned 18, I passed the casting. Then I was called back to tell me that I was hired,” he said.

An instant success at “Slam”

On September 8, 2021, the young man turned around first broadcasts. On the set, he is far from intimidated, quite the opposite: “I have no stress, I almost forget that the camera is there, in front of me, it’s quite easy”, he explains- he looks back.

Encounter successes in the daily broadcast, Enzo wants to shoot from November the “Grand Slam”, the Sunday version of the game that brings together the candidates who have already participated.

During the long days of filming, the young man could count on the support of his mother, who drove him to the set in Aubervilliers.

He won 239,500 euros

A specific task was then set for Essonnien who established a good relationship with the game team, until amazing turn of eventsalmost a year after the start of the adventure.

In the program broadcast on November 6, 2022 (but filmed on October 12) Urbisylvain lost the “Grand Slam” after participating in the game for 40 consecutive weeks and winning. €239,500one of the largest sums won in a game broadcast on France Télévisions.

“It was an amazing experience, it was nothing but happiness with Cyril Feraud and the whole team,” he said with emotion.

Participating in a new TV game in line of sight

henceforth recognized on the street by some passers-by, the young man was not bothered by this celebrity.

“I remain the same, I continue to do crossword puzzles in my corner”, soberly summarizes Enzo who aims to work within the editorial staff of “Slam” to design program schedules.

At the same time, the young man wants to reappear in a game on the small screen by passing “in a few months”, the cast of “Everybody has something to say.”

“It’s another show where we play in French”, says Enzo, acknowledging that it includes “a bigger part of randomness than Slam depending on who we’re with”.

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