I’ve been looking for a good mobile game for months, I found this on Netflix!

Game News I’ve been looking for a good mobile game for months, I found this on Netflix!

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Netflix may watch video games with stars in their eyes, but video game entertainment doesn’t seem to be a priority for its subscribers, and that’s a real shame. For months, the platform has been adding many titles to its “Games” section that often go under the radar. Instead of wasting time in different stores looking for a small title that will sit you for a few minutes here and there, the selection made by Netflix gives you, surely, the opportunity to find the rare pearl on mobile. without spending a cent.


  • Little nuggets of video games on Netflix, but subscribers don’t know it!
  • A good handful of video games are not to be missed, some rated 17/20!

Little nuggets of video games on Netflix, but subscribers don’t know it!

It’s easy to understand: the specialty of the Netflix platform is not video games. Over the years, the SVOD service has built its reputation by enhancing its catalog of movies, series, cartoons, documentaries and much more, such as reality TV programs. Recently, the American giant wanted to add a string to its bow by opening a section dedicated to video games in its large portfolio.. At first, the idea may seem ridiculous and draw a slightly derisive smile on the sides of the lips of the detractors of the SVOD platform. Especially when we were able to check out the first arrivals of this list of games. But that was before!

Since confirming the newness of this catalog, in July 2021, Netflix has done everything to fill its section with really compelling games. Interesting detail: the announcement of the monthly calendar is now accompanied by a small insert highlighting the games that will soon be included in the catalog. In addition, Netflix is ​​doing everything to get closer to video games by investing in studios that are now under its leadershipas with independent game developers There is no cow. Almost a year and a half after Netflix’s official press release, its mobile gaming offering is now bigger and more appealing. Despite everything, the sauce does not last: according to the numbers, only 1% of subscribers use this function. In fact, many of us overlook the little pearls that can be accessed at no extra cost. However, when you take the time to learn and study the offer, there is plenty to do and something to keep us busy during a hectic commute or rainy Sunday morning!

A good handful of video games are not to be missed, some rated 17/20!

We have a feeling that Netflix’s video game catalog is expanding. As with its other sections, we found ourselves scrolling for long minutes without knowing which title(s) we were going for. In our columns, we often make a habit of relaying new mobile titles but, by dint, we get lost.. Nothing beats a good booster shot, especially if it’s a shame to miss some of them because they promise us what we expect from a mobile title, namely a moment of relaxation without a headache to pass the time on public transport, in a waiting room, during a meal break or to get out quietly from a well-deserved lie. All this, Netflix can offer its subscribers and here are some titles that should not be missed!

Because yes, there isn’t a single title that stands out in Netflix’s video game offering. There are, in fact, many more than that and they can compete vampires who survived, one of the latest video game phenomena exported to smartphones and tablets a few weeks ago. Want a good stress reliever instead? The Ninja Turtles are up there with TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge (rated 16) ! More of the type to investigate and tie your brain? 12 Minutes (rated 14) should clearly get your dose of investigation. Are you into Netflix for the cinema aspect? Immortality (rated 17) might just satisfy your thirst for movies and video games. Do you miss old-school Metroids and Castlevania? Lucky Luna has something to ease your sadness. Additionally, if pixel-art is your medicine and you like Link’s old adventures, Moonlighter (rated 14) manages to flatter your nostalgia. Games are good, but you want something serious? We can offer you very epic strategy with Into the Breach (rated 17) or management with many animals and interesting characters against a backdrop of mourning meditation with Spiritfarer (rated 17). You should also know that Netflix can convince two distinct parishes: those who like long-term adventures and stories, with Oxenfree (rated 17)and those who swear by sessions as short as they are effective, with Reigns: Three Kingdoms. Subscribers, you just have to choose!

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