Reanult-Nissan: behind the scenes of the long negotiations to fix their alliance

To the end, Nissan doubted the good faith of the French. For months, the Japanese “partner” pursued Renault, deceiving the hope of a quick result of the talks initiated by Luca di Meo, managing director of Renault, and supported by its president Jean- Dominique Senard for a new Alliance.

At the end of the summer, the latter was still betting on a deal in the fall. In particular, Luca Di Meo felt that his plan to reorganize Renault into two entities, one thermal and one hybrid (Horse), the other electrical (Ampere), should enable the Alliance to start over. He then hoped for a result of the negotiations at the end of 2022. But he was too optimistic and, disappointed, left the steering wheel of the negotiations to Jean-Dominique Sénard. At the beginning of 2023, after many round trips by the two leaders to Yokohama, the President of the French Republic himself entered the dance. On January 9, Emmanuel Macron welcomed then Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the Élysée, officially preparing for his presidency of the G7 this year; as an aside, according to our information, he is working to reassure his host about Renault’s intentions. These assurances were duplicated and written in a letter from Bruno Le Maire to his counterpart at the Japanese Ministry of Industry, METI, in terms without the slightest ambiguity: yes to the voting rights associated with Renault shares held by Nissan; yes to rebalancing the holdings of the two groups, by 15% each.

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