Sale 2023: Incredible 40% off and more on these Peppa Pig games

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You will be able to have fun with his favorite heroine thanks to these Peppa Pig toys

The first day of this third week of sales is over. The chance to ask questions after work to scan the good plans. And there are some not to be missed in terms of toys. In fact, even children’s favorite heroes are entitled to their super offers. Timeless of the genre, Peppa Pig games break their prices on Fnac. Discover our selection of the most interesting deductions immediately.

1. An unbeatable 40% discount for this Peppa Pig Singing Interactive Plush Toy

There are cartoons that have gone through the years without picking up a single wrinkle. So they have fascinated generations of children who have each passed on their taste for this series. And the adventures of Peppa Pig clearly fall into this category. Since 2004, the family life of these pigs has fascinated the little ones. Therefore, it is not surprising that derivative products are a hit. Give your child his favorite character with the interactive plush Peppa Pig that sings. It is impossible to do better than reducing it with Fnac. So it is offered at €15 instead of €24.99. An XXL promo of 40% is therefore visible before your eyes. Realize this wonderful saving of 10 €.

Peppa Pig in concert

Your child will sing along with the interactive Peppa Pig singing plush

Buy this interactive Peppa Pig plush sings for 15 € at Fnac

Your child’s dream will come true. She is going to a Peppa Pig concert. The time has come, the little pig took the stage. Equipped with his microphone, he sings an iconic song from the cartoon. All you have to do is press your stomach. Her beautiful emblematic red dress is decorated with a musical note and a large bow in the same shade accessorizes her ear. He also talks to his audience, grunting and laughing in that characteristic pig sound. His sentences can only remind your child of the series, like the two songs that follow. He couldn’t wait to find them.

2. This Peppa Pig and Friends Figure Case is under $13

Just like in real life, Peppa Pig is not alone. Besides his family, he also has many friends. He sees them at school and every weekend. These are the times he likes the most because he gets to spend as much time with them as he wants. Involve your child in this fun encounter with this case of Peppa Pig and friends figurines. Its extremely attractive discount on Fnac should convince you. Its price ranges from €21.99 to €12.50. An unmissable promotion of 43% is offered to you. There are many minifigures for less than €13, that’s a real bargain.

An activity with friends in the mud

Peppa Pig is waiting for your child to have fun with this case of Peppa Pig and her friends figurines

Buy this case of Peppa Pig and her friends figurines at Fnac for €12.50

School is over, it’s the weekend. After a busy week, Peppa Pig and her friends deserve a break. On this beautiful Saturday, they decided to do an activity that would decide everything. Little clue, it’s based on an element that pigs are a fan of. They will of course have fun in the mud. Theirs is the funny jump. They obviously planned everything and equipped with boots and raincoats. They will not stain their beautiful clothes. Peppa Pig is accompanied on this adventure by her best friend. So we found Suzy Cheep, Danny Dog and Candy Cat. Let the fun begin! After several hours of playing, the group was exhausted. Go into your child’s briefcase for a well-deserved break. What day!

3. Save over $15 on these Peppa Pig the Classroom Figures

If children love Peppa Pig, it’s because she lives a normal child’s life, just like them. He lives with his family, does normal activities, has friends and even goes to school. The only difference between short and your little one is that he is a pig. Everyone can therefore identify with their favorite character. If the main character Peppa Pig is like them, it’s because they can do whatever they want! Further stimulate your child’s creativity with these Peppa Pig the Classroom figures. And with this crazy discount at Fnac, it’s hard not to give in to the temptation. From €43.99 to €25. Go for this maximum promo of 43%. Your wallet will thank you for saving more than €15.

Classes are about to start

It’s time to go to class with these Peppa Pig classroom figures

Buy these figurines Peppa Pig The room of class for 25 € at Fnac

The bell rang, it was time to go to class. Your child has the opportunity to trigger the buzzer by pressing the lever. In the classroom (faithfully reproducing that of the cartoon), he finds his friends including Peppa Pig and his kind mistress Madame Gazelle. Everyone took their places around the tables. The program begins with a music lesson. The housewife takes her guitar and everyone sings. We moved the wheel to the board and presto, new course. When a student goes to the board and stands on the sensor, he speaks. The same thing for Madame Gazelle. Activities continue and minutes pass as shown by the hands of the clock, which may rotate. The bell rang again. It’s lunch break time!

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