Top 16 of the best video game scenarios, cult stories

Some games allow us to let loose, discover incredible universes and others are able to set up quite complex or really engaging stories without offering rotten gameplay. Today we will talk about these games, the ones that offer brilliant scenarios that we still remember. And I want to say it, yes, there are many things missing, and most of all it’s not right, so don’t be angry.

The Witcher 3

Let’s start at the top, the universally recognized as a reference in terms of writing: The Witcher 3. An open world, the end of Geralt’s adventures and many, many, MANY awesome side missions to do some of which have better storylines than other games. That means


To escape censorship and good cause, an elite set up an underwater city called Rapture, where a material taken from the seabed can be used to gain powers. And you get there, in this dystopian world that’s twisted and you have to fight your way back to the surface. A cult game as possible with a unique atmosphere that we always expect from the movie or the series.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Cowboys yes, but cowboys during the late wild west. We follow an entire gang that is tearing itself apart as it traverses the last lawless corners of the United States and sees them pitted against each other in the face of an increasingly industrialized world. One hell of a drama with an intense ending that will mark many gamers, Arthur Morgan’s heart to you.

Mass Effect (the trilogy)

Ouch ouch ouch, this one is a sacred piece, a kind of space-opera where a man gathers his whole team to cross different planets, with conflicts and tensions between the species in the team. It’s crazy, because we are so attached to all these beautiful people and our hero that we shape ourselves through the choices until the dramatic conclusion. It’s so epic.

The last of us

If the scenario does not shine in its original, especially the relationship between the two main characters that is remarkable. A man devastated after losing his daughter has to transport a child to the United States while attaching himself to her and avoiding being killed by the infected, there are many reasons to play this but there are many reasons to watch The last of us, because the the series is very cool.

BioShock 3

After two episodes spent in the underwater city, the creators of Bioshock decided to take us to Columbia, a city this time in the clouds. And the hero had to find a young captive there and discover many things about himself. I weigh my words in telling you that this scenario is one of the best in the history of video games, its twists are perfect.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

If the studio TellTale has done some wonders like The Wolf Among UsHe also won our little hearts back in his first season of The walking dead where we play the brave Lee, an ex-convict who tries everything to protect a girl from zombie attacks. Never cried so much at the end of a video game.

Silent Hill 2

This is one of the most traumatic games in history, and also one of the most cult, which should have a quality remaster as soon as possible. We slowly dive into the past of the protagonist trying to find his wife who has been missing for years after receiving a letter from him and I was too young to play that.

Half life 2

The legend half life has marked the world of video games with its indelible imprint, but if there’s only one left to keep, that’s good Half life 2 which will remain in the memory, both for its incredible scenario (which would be very difficult for me to explain) and for its originality and its advancement in its time. Damn masterpiece.

Final Fantasy VII

It is very difficult to choose just one Final Fantasy to put in this top, but hey, the real ones know that necessarily if we talk about the scenario we are going to the 7th part. A futuristic story is too complicated to summarize in two lines, but it has touched a new generation thanks to a high-quality remaster (even if it seems to change some aspects of the original story).

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

How not to mention the great (and best game in the Star Wars saga) Knights of the Old Republic ? Completely ahead of its time, this part allows us to see an era of the universe that rarely approaches but is really interesting and also has one of the most remarkable twists in our lives as players. Count quiet hill this game will also have a remaster that should arrive in the coming months, a good reason to come back to it.

Portal (1 and 2)

There is a lot of evidence to say that Portal is the best game in history and at the same time when you have such great gameplay, such inventive puzzles, ideas that keep changing the adventure and such careful writing, you hardly can do better. One of the funniest games out there, but with a storytelling quality that’s second to none.

Shadow of the Colossus

shadow of the colossus put yourself in the shoes of a young man who tried everything to save his bride: kill giants 20 times bigger and stronger than him one by one. Except that as this adventure progresses, the player begins to question the morality of this mission, after all these colossi did not ask for anything and seemed to defend themselves… An amazing adventure in in more ways than one, which ended up making you ask yourself a simple question, what if you were the bad guy in the story?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

As for the The Witcher 3 it was above all the many things to do in the game that showed the care that was put into the writing. A shower of really interesting side quests, a stunning main story and the impression of leaving this world inspired by the Vikings make its mark in different cities. Be quiet brother, the dark brotherhood is watching.

God of War

We can already mention the first trilogy, but in terms of narration and touching story, the Nordic epic of Kratos remains incredible. The colorful characters, the perfect dubbing and the relationship between a late father and his son who doesn’t know he is a God make for truly touching scenes. It is not for nothing that the second part is one of the best games of 2022, but it is also because it curses as we like.

Alan Wake

And finally, we start with this game that has become a cult in more ways than one, which puts us in the position of a tortured writer in a small town in the United States and has to face a horde of monsters and all kind of nightmare. Fortunately, the game with Stephen King sauce will also have a sequel that should arrive soon, which is good news.

And we can quote Wolf Among Us, What’s left of Edith Finch, His Story, Amnesiathe great Grim Fandango or a whole bunch of other games that don’t need to be ashamed of those on the list but I couldn’t put them all and the choice was hard.

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