Why the Aurillac-Paris airline is “at risk”.

At the end of January, six elected officials from Cantal wrote to the Minister Delegate for Transportation. They believe the Aurillac-Paris air link is “at risk”. For them, the State should increase its contribution.

This is a letter that unites, beyond political labels. Thursday January 19, Bruno Faure, president (LR) of the Departmental Council of Cantal, Pierre Mathonier, president (PS) of the Community of Agglomeration of the Basin of Aurillac (CABA) and all parliamentarians LR and the senator of the Union centrist Si Bernard Delcros sent a letter to Clément Beaune, Minister Delegate for Transport. They are worried about the future of the Aurillac-Paris air link. The nominees wrote: The Aurillac-Paris (Orly) Regional Development Line, essential for Cantal’s economic development, is at risk. After the refusal of the Air-France company to apply for the renewal of the delegation of the public service of the line, two companies positioned themselves, but under unsatisfactory economic conditions. The expected shortages, brought in particular by the Council of the Department of Cantal and the Agglomeration Community of the Aurillac Basin, with a complement from the Region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, are unbearable for local players, even if we are invited by Government to make new financial efforts “.

Elected officials are asking the State to increase its contribution. Pierre Mathonier, president (PS) of the Agglomeration Community of the Aurillac Basin (CABA), indicates: “ Now we are talking to the public service delegation again and the numbers that the two service providers have informed us mean that the budget will explode. It is certain that the reason for the cost of energy is large but the rest is a burden, because the deficit is financed, is for the State, the Region and especially the Council of the Department and Intercommunity. We are talking about sharing the deficit. Currently, the State has a line support fund for regional planning that finances 55% of this deficit but is limited to a certain amount. The numbers pressed in the negotiations probably lead to an overload for the Department as for CABA of several hundred thousand euros. At the government level, 2 or 300,000 euros is not big: it should remove the ceiling from 55% and make it 70% for example, to reduce the burden on our budgets because we have a very tight budget “.
Bruno Faure, president (LR) of the Departmental Council of Cantal, is also concerned about the departure of Air France: “ We were afraid Air France wasn’t there and it was. We have economic measures that are very weak compared to what we had until then. We hope that this competitive dialogue will make it possible to reduce the contribution of local authorities “. He appealed to the support of the State, to ensure the safety of the Aurillac-Paris line: “ If the State does not increase its contribution, from 55 to 60 or 65%, it will ask the local authorities to assume it: 500,000 euros for the State is a drop in the bucket in its budget, so that for us, local authority, it is a whole “.

Matthieu Piganiol, president of the company of the same name, which makes umbrellas, uses the Aurillac-Paris line 8 to 10 times a year. He explains: “ It doesn’t matter to me. This is for my clients. If they don’t come tomorrow, I won’t be able to work. I am part of my turnover in the luxury industry. When you work in luxury, the customer wonders how he can make a round trip in a day. If he couldn’t do it for Aurillac, he would go to Italy or somewhere else in France. The customer will not make a round trip by car within 12 hours. It is as old as the world. When my father was in business, he had a client who chose him based on the accessibility of the production plant. When people come, they can’t move a quality or marketing team for 2 or 3 days. For my company, this line is very important. The train is not a reliable alternative. The airline is important to my business “. The business manager welcomes the initiative of the elected officials and describes the mobilization as “ legit “.

According to Pierre Mathonier, the Aurillac-Paris line is important for economic players: ” This line is absolutely necessary for the territory of Aurillac. We are more than 8 hours by train from Paris, 6 hours by road. We were really stunned. The line has a large attendance because it is necessary for economic activity. Now there are 42 seaters. The attendance rate is around 70%. There are now 3 rounds per day. This is a service offered that avoids paying for a hotel night or driving 8 hours. Economic activity really turns around because this line is available “. Bruno Faure shared this view: “ Now this is the only way we can get to Paris. Business leaders come to Paris and bring their customers to Cantal. The train is difficult, when you consider Paris-Clermont-Ferrand. With all the risks, when you are in Clermont-Ferrand, you still have two hours by train. If you’re late to Paris-Clermont-Ferrand, which is common, you’ll probably miss the Aurillac train. The train connection is almost non-existent. The way is ours alone. Within a year, we should exceed 38,000 passengers so at these levels, we cannot say that only business leaders and elected officials take this line. It was well adopted by all the Cantaliens “.

Here is the letter from the nominees.

The President of the Departmental Council determined the timetable: We will have two or three meetings with the candidates to negotiate. In the first half of February, we should know how much our economy is. The state must position itself “. After questioning the Minister, the elected signatories await a response from him, highlighting the necessary opening of Cantal through this air link.

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