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On January 23, Xavier Dolan’s first series aired on Canal+. “The night when Laurier Gaudreault woke up” captures all the obsessions of the Quebec director. But it’s also time to discover the movie “Divertimento”, which tells the (true) story of a girl from the suburbs who is determined to set up her own classical music orchestra. Speaking of cinema, did you know that the busiest in the world is in Paris? On Disney+, the series “Extraordinary” promises to be the perfect back-to-school comedy. While in Toulouse, the Musée des Abattoirs pays homage to the most dedicated recent works of visual artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

Xavier Dolan is directing (and starring in) his first series

He is one of the most gifted and early blooming directors of his generation. After eight films made in 14 years, especially “I killed my mother”, “Imaginary loves” and “Tom on the farm”, the Quebecer Xavier Dolan tackles a series for the first time. Broadcast on Canal+, “The night when Laurier Gaudreault woke up” has five episodes and focuses on a family full of secrets. The opportunity for the filmmaker to return to his cherished themes, from motherhood to love. But also to cover the serial format. “I want to have fun playing the codes I’ve always loved,” confides the man who adores the cult “Six Feet Under”. “In writing, there are already effective ‘cliffhangers’ (these situations of unbearable suspense, editor’s note). »

“Divertimento” leads cinema with the wand

We are in Seine-Saint-Denis, in 1993. Zahia Ziouani is 17 years old and, together with her twin brother Fettouma, they are talented musicians. But above all, Zahia’s dream is to become a conductor. This is his story, completely true, told by the movie “Divertimento”, which will be in theaters this week. Through its journey, the feature film addresses the question of ambition, of course, but also first and second generation immigration to France. Zahia Ziouani and her sister participated in the development of the film, from writing the screenplay to… the music, of course.

And the busiest cinema in the world is…

And no, it’s not in India or in Los Angeles, but in the UGC ciné cité Les Halles, in the heart of Paris. This multiplex, which is open daily from 9 am to 12:30 am, welcomed 2.2 million viewers last year. Every Wednesday, the first session of the day is scrutinized by professionals, who count the number of entries. If it is high, then the film is promised a great success!

The most popular cinema title in the world is also good news for the seventh art. Far from being content with big blockbusters, the UGC des Halles broadcasts 65% of arthouse films. Cinema for all tastes and at any time, here is the key to success!

“Extraordinary”: the feel good back-to-school series is on Disney+

What if everyone had superpowers? This is the starting point for the “Extraordinary” series, which will be broadcast from January 25 on Disney+. From the most useful (stealing) to the stupidest (able to change their haircut in the blink of an eye), all adults have unusual abilities. All, except one: Jen, the series’ heroine, still hasn’t found hers. Between this disability, his unbearable family, his roommate’s bad advice and his celibacy, nothing is going right!

“Extraordinary” is a colorful romantic comedy, with no nonsense or trash, that is shaping up to be a great series of the season.

Niki de Saint Phalle has revealed his commitments to Toulouse

We know visual artist Niki de Saint Phalle for her large statues of rounded female silhouettes in dazzling colors. But he is also a very assertive personality and a political commitment. This is what the Musée des Abattoirs in Toulouse wants to show in an exhibition dedicated to the last two decades of the artist’s work. Because, in the 1980s and 1990s, Niki de Saint Phalle designed an entire garden in Tuscany, Italy. She also continues her pro-feminist and pro-minority promises. The museum shows drawings, models, but also the publications he would make to alert the dangers of AIDS or to denounce the American policy of President George Bush.

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