Become an online trainer: books to see things more clearly

Online training is plentiful and varies in quality. However, this is a market segment that continues to develop and opens up significant possibilities for anyone who wants to set up a new training activity. In establishing a personal training account (CPF), there are many customers. Overview of some titles to consult before launch.

Since the health crisis, it seems very simple for any trainer to switch to an online activity. In fact, when we have been working in this field for some time, we have been trained in distance learning techniques. However, there is a huge number of tools that can be implemented to seize the opportunities that this market offers.

1- Create and sell online training (€23, 188 pages, Eyrolles, 2020)

Subtitled “The method for finding positioning, structuring content, getting repeat sales”, this book by Nathalie Antonio Giraud is a true bible for anyone who wants to enter the emerging but well already organized online training market. Each CPF online training organization has its own niche, its own approach and its content which is both unique and sharp. But to come up with an offer that is eligible for the Personal Training Account (CPF), you have to comply with a whole series of requirements.

This book offers practical answers to all the questions you ask yourself before starting your business. It is appropriate to go through which platform, to offer your training at what price, in what format… Whether your project consists of online conferences or videos, everything is taken into account. The author comes from Rêv’elle Coaching, an online coaching company that has had some success. Having knowledge of web marketing and online training, he has been helping young entrepreneurs set up their business for some time now.

If it is necessary before launch to have a good idea of ​​the competition, it will not be enough. You have to think about your added value, about what you can bring more to the market where you want to operate. Even in life coaching, sports training, musical training, language learning, success will go through a cross between singularity, clarity, accessibility, visibility and efficiency.

2- The big training book (€49, 544 pages, Dunod, 2020)

Michel Barabel (lecturer at Paris Est Créteil) and Olivier Meier (professor at Paris Est Créteil) offer here a reference work to see more clearly the consequences of the vocational training reforms that have taken place since the 2010s to allow employees to be, thanks to the Personal Training Account (CPF), fully involved in their training throughout their professional career.

The third edition of this book sheds important light on the new face of vocational training. The authors examine in particular the contributions of the neurosciences but also of the cognitive sciences and the economics of education to improve the content offered to applicants for training. This collective work summarizes the training professions and the prospects for this sector for the coming years.

3- Engineering training (€24.22, 304 pages, Dunod, 2017)

Here is a real guide for professionals, whether they are trainers, consultants, or even training managers. The fifth edition of Thierry Ardouin’s work covers new techniques and new tools available to trainers.

To see more clearly, it is a question of analyzing, designing, conducting and then evaluating the training courses offered. Designed to be highly practical, this book combines testimonials from experts, practical sheets for developing a training plan, but also plenty of examples. Regardless of your field, you will find keys to make your training more attractive but also more effective and educational.

Thierry Ardouin is a professor at CIRNEF (Interdisciplinary Center for Norman Research in Education and Training) at the University of Rouen. It is also responsible for a master’s degree in education and training sciences, with the theme “professionalism and professionalization”.

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