Chippendales: The Indian whose American strip club empire ended in murder

  • author, Meryl Sebastian
  • duty, BBC News

Identifying the photographer, HULU

photo caption,

Kumail Nanjiani plays Steve Banerjee in Welcome To Chippendales, a drama series on Hulu.

Muscular men wearing bow ties and thongs to entertain women in smoky clubs is not a legacy that an Indian-American immigrant usually associates with.

But Mumbai-born Steve Banerjee changed the traditional South Asian American dream when he founded the men’s strip club Chippendales in Los Angeles in 1979.

The rest is history: Banerjee made his fortune with what turned out to be a successful franchise. Add in sex, drugs and murder, and Banerjee’s story becomes a sensational legend.

In India, Banerjee – and her work – is virtually unknown. In the United States, the Chippendales brand seems to have outlived its controversial founder’s reputation. This situation is changing.

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