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After several delays, Forspoken, Square Enix’s new license, is now available on PC and PS5. Find our complete guide to the game.

Thank you Square Enix, we had the chance and opportunity to test the game Abandoned, the new Square Enix license you’re playing under Frey Holland, an American boy who doesn’t have an easy life and discovers a new world where he no longer has any standing.

Without spoiling the story for you, we present our complete Forspoken test. Even before its release, the game has been the subject of criticism and debate, in all objectivity, we will tell you about this open world that brings freshness at the beginning of the year. gameplay, story, graphics, music, every detail is under our radar so you can make a decision about Forspoken.

Forspoken: a rich and beautiful game that lacks nothing

In our test, we will try to answer this question: ” Forspoken, a game for whom? » by giving you our opinion on various notable elements of the game, its strength in its weak points.

A huge and rich open world

Forspoken is a open world and it’s not a standard recipe for Square Enix. Everyone knows the Final Fantasy license from Square Enix, whose success is based on the environment, the story, the epic fights, the music and the gameplay that has been modernized over the years. The open world, on the other hand, has never been a part of Square Enix games. Final Fantasy 15 is closer to this, but does not change this element.

For Forspoken, it’s the case to say it, it’s an open world. We were pleasantly surprised the size of the map to explore in the game. He is very big We thought we would discover a classic open world, but many will tell you that to explore the game map, you have a good time. Especially since there are many activities waiting for you points of interestof treasure, of boss and side quests.

Small flat, perhaps too many auxiliary elements, so some give the feeling of filling with delivery searches without much interest. However, there’s plenty to do and it’s fun to walk around this map with great views. Parkour in the game comes to sublimate the exploration.

Innovative and dynamic gameplay

The gameplay is the strong point by Forspoken. It is really in this part already Square Enix innovates and gives us a new license for 2023. First, we should talk about Parkour which we have already mentioned. Very quickly, you will be able to walk around the game, but in a completely new way. It is not a question of walking, of flying, of covering the stretches of a horse, but of doing Parkour climbing mountainsin jumping over obstaclesall who have 360° geometry. Parkour is not only about exploration, but also about combat.

During the fights, you will have several situations. Of the group of enemies relatively easy to overcome, waves to deal with to defend a point or boss. And the bosses will tell you as much a treat for players who like difficulty. You will face tough opponents who have no one to envy in “Souls” type games. They are difficult and will ask youlearn patterns quite accurate. The more perfect your match, the higher you will get a high match rating which will bring you more rewards.


Finally, Frey will use it magic of different elements. here, The gameplay can be pleasing as well as unpleasant. It is mainly a remote gameplay. So, if you want heavy hand-to-hand combat, Forspoken won’t give you that feeling. However, it is completely new gameplay in terms of combat mechanics with dynamic management of different spells and different magic. You can handle it customize your heroine using your preferences, your favorite magic, your favorite spells, all so that the gameplay looks like you. Finally you will feel it too real progress and a habituation of Frey with her magic since she will be more and more offensive and closer. The customization by frey also went through its equipment, with cape, of varnish and necklaces that will take you various bonuses in addition to change your look.


As for the graphics, if you’ve played Final Fantasy XV, you’ll recognize it as it is the same developer team who worked on the game. This is a very beautiful painting which is offered to us with very few defects. A simple flat on the faces that are sometimes expressionless.

Engaging story, beautiful cutscenes and an epic soundtrack

Here we have a lot to tell you, but we won’t go into details because we don’t want to spoil your Forspoken experience. Square Enix games are known for their art direction and Forspoken is no exception to the rule.

The story is short, you can finish it quickly if you focus on it without doing the side quests and skipping the cutscenes, but that’s pointless. The richness of Forspoken, in addition to its gameplay, is of course the story, they characters and the cutscenes. At first, you were very fast get to know Frey’s character and his sense of adventure. Then you move to a new stage of the plot where it will be difficult to get it seductively and we want to know the outcome. All are accompanied by cutscenes where Square Enix has a secret. If you love Final Fantasy for these reasons, Forspoken will not disappoint.


The soundtrack is outstanding. He can be taken down quickly when you start a fight. During your parkour, the atmosphere will be one of exploration and then naturally transition to epic melodies when you use your combat spells.

Finally, a mention for the dubbing. We do not recommend that you play in French for vocals. The game is made in English first and foremost. For a more immersive experience, especially for Frey’s dialogues, it is recommended to play in English. You can also put in the Japanese voices although to our great regret, this is not the game’s VO. For the sake of lore and history, English is preferred, but the rendering is excellent.


Will Forspoken succeed in convincing?

For us it is a big yes. It was a very nice surprise. The game must appeal fans from Square Enix, in JRPG lovers and of Final Fantasy, but not only. A new audience should fall into this license because at the beginning of 2023, we are happy to play a new game, with gameplay risk.

Of course, it won’t be probably not GOTY 2023but still, we didn’t quit the game during our test and we finished it several times and sometimes we still logged in to explore, parkour and try new magic.

So Forspoken is a new license with the potential to last with a sequel, or a new game incorporating these different elements. This is a wonderful surprise for 2023, Forspoken deserves to be played and find its audience. For us, this is a successful bet for Square Enix, which is presenting a very good game, that just lacks its “Umami” to sublimate it.

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