How to report a user on your PS5

Gaming should be a safe space for everyone, and Sony has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who violates its code of conduct. Even if you participate in an activity or a game with many other like-minded individuals, there will always be one or two bad students.

Sony has procedures in place to ensure that all users of its platform are as safe and happy as possible. But Sony can’t look at everything at once. Sony relies on other users to report players who violate the Code of Conduct. Fortunately, this is very easy to do.

When to report a user on your PS5?

When you create a PlayStation account, you sign a contract agreeing to abide by Sony’s PlayStation Network Community Code of Conduct. It is not difficult to comply with this contract. No ridiculous or excessive expectations. When you sign the Sony Community Code of Conduct, you agree only to be a good person when interacting with others on the PlayStation Network.

Using hate speech, being vulgar or offensive, cheating, spamming or other disruptive behavior are all examples of behavior that can be reported using Sony’s grievance reporting tools in context .

Games that use voice chat can be particularly dangerous, as players can use verbal abuse or other forms of online bullying when they don’t get what they want. If you’ve encountered this type of behavior before, or see someone else experiencing it, please report these users.

Once you report a user or their comment, the content in question will be reviewed. If found to have violated Sony’s Community Code of Conduct, the offending user’s account may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

There are many ways to contact others on the PlayStation Network, and each requires you to follow different steps to report them. You can report an item on a user’s profile, a specific comment they made, or even a conversation you had in voice chat.

Man holding PS5 controller playing PS5

Harassment can happen on any platform, not just PS5. You can also block and report users using your PS4 or the PlayStation app if necessary.

If you’re wondering what the PlayStation Messaging feature is and how to use it, know that it’s basically a way to send a direct message to a PSN user. Communication is an important part of the PSN network, and the ability to send private and direct messages to someone is one of them.

But it could allow people to abuse the PlayStation Messaging feature to bully or harass someone. If this happens to you, you can report offensive messages directly. To do this, simply highlight the chat message, press the Options button on your controller, and select Report.

It may happen that a user has offensive content in their profile, such as their username, for example. You will need to go to the player’s profile to report offensive content that may be present.

How to report profile on PS5 tap plus and report

Once you have opened the player profile, select More than in the top corner, tap Reportand state the reason why you are making this report. Try to be specific when entering the reason, so the person reviewing the report knows what to look for.

Voice chat is one of the main forms of online harassment or bullying in video games. If in a voice chat you hear something that you think violates the rules of conduct and needs to be reported, it’s best to leave the chat as soon as possible.

This is recommended for two reasons. First, there is no reason to stay in a chat if someone is disrespecting you or the other person. But there is another reason why it is good to leave as soon as possible. When you report a voice chat conversation, you can save the last five minutes of the conversation for 20 seconds. If you stay longer than five minutes, you risk losing the opportunity to get a recording of the offending remarks.

Person playing video games with voice chat through headphones.

To report a voice chat conversation on your PS5, press the PS button on your controller to open the alert window. control center. Find and select the voice card for the conversation you want to report. Choose More thanand then select Report.

You will be asked who made these comments. If you don’t know, it’s better to choose I’m not sure. This way you can make sure no innocent person gets flagged for something they didn’t say.

Help Sony keep PSN safe by reporting your PS5 users.

If someone is rude to you or you see other types of inappropriate behavior while playing online on your PS5, you may feel it’s easier to move on and pretend like nothing happened.

But these measures are in place to keep PSN running smoothly, and Sony relies on players to speak up when something happens, so they can do the right thing to keep you and others safe while playing. online.

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