“It’s crazy to talk about culture on TV”

Columnist in the band of Yann Barthès since the beginning of the 2020 school year, Ambre Chalumeau decodes and removes cultural news every night on Everyday. Like other TMC talk show faces before him, the 25-year-old journalist will orchestrate an XXL and prime time version of his daily pastille. This Tuesday, January 24, one week before the film’s theatrical release The middle Empire by Guillaume Canet, Ambre Chalumeau will indeed offer a special evening around the most famous of the Gauls, Asterix and Obelix. Interview.

“We will try to understand the Asterix phenomenon”

Then some of your colleagues of Everydayit’s your turn to have prime-time favors…

yes, this is a common desire among show producers. This is my third season Everyday, we’re waiting for me to get my arms around my chronicle to test the long format. And then you also need the right opportunity…

What will this special night of Asterix and Obelix look like?

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By immersing ourselves in the Asterix archives, we realized that there was a fascinating topic to discuss at length, by taking on the mechanics of my column on Everyday. Displaying archives, building bridges between eras, reveling in the past…

What will we see in this documentary?

We followed the film crew Asterix and Obelix: The middle Empire and we will remove the hood of such a feature film! A large part of the documentary is devoted to the phenomenon of Asterix, its origins and legacy., which we will try to understand thanks to experts, many interviews and by immersing ourselves in the archives. And more to say! From the childish aspect to a more intellectual discourse. It is a heritage subject that we will deal with in the same mechanisms as any other literary work.

It was Marc Beaugé who put me in touch with the producers of Quotidien

Yourself, are you a fan of the indomitable Gauls?

Yes, in particular 12 labors of Asterix . My father was a comic book fan and he quickly put me in the hands of Franquin, Gotlib and Goscinny. This humor means a lot to me. It laughed smartly but not snobbish or exclusive, with many hidden references to current affairs and art.

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What was your background before you came Everyday in the fall of 2020?

I did literary preparation and then journalism studies at Celsa. After an internship at society,I stayed there as a freelancer. It was Marc Beaugé, then editor-in-chief of the magazine and also a columnist at everyday, who put me in touch with the show’s producers. I had a crazy chance! We met and from our exchanges quickly evolved this idea of ​​talking about culture together… and especially the way we want to talk about it, meaning without exclusion.

How do you prepare your columns?

The topics are dictated by the news: a release, a controversy around a work or unfortunately, sometimes, an obituary… Everything is decided that morning and then the research begins. Everything is done at breakneck speed.

“Talking about culture on TV is puzzle

Is it easy to make culture accessible in prime time?

Is it true? Talking about culture on TV is a complicated and surprising thing! In Everyday therefore we focus on everything be careful not to disqualify anyone. At the end of each column, I try to give those who have no idea about the topic discussed the right to a brief introduction. And that the ‘experts’ have discovered more information. As for myself, I did not study cinema and I did not study literature more advanced than my preparation. I only have my enthusiasm, my passion and my ability to research. So I’m not going to start talking to the audience as if I’m superior to them. Finally, I’m not going to take five minutes of the audience’s time to say I don’t like something. Too bad… I’m part of a generation that isn’t much of a fan of criticism tearing things down.

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Do your columns have an impact on the cultural environment ?

Everydayhas a pretty crazy prescription strength and it’s not uncommon for a book featured on air to top Amazon sales the next day. Or an author telling me his Instagram follower count skyrocketed overnight. It is always a pleasure to have the feeling of being used for something as who was able to put a book that touched me into someone’s hands. Even if I don’t get anything from selling books! (laughs)

“I have an almost bulimic relationship with culture”

Did your family environment give you a taste for culture? (Ambre Chalumeau is the daughter of Arielle Saracco, former director of original creation at Canal+, and journalist, writer and screenwriter Laurent ChalumeauEd)

Yes, it is untrue and ungrateful to say that I developed my culture alone. I was lucky to have cultured parents and grew up in an apartment full of DVDs and books where they let me dig. This is important. I have an almost bulimic relationship with culture, even though I have little time since I started working. It was also faked thanks to friends and some prescribers. For me, the only thing that separates anyone from a great classic is how you present it. I had this opportunity and I’m trying to do it myself.

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Do you have other prime-time projects?

Nothing planned at the moment, but I really want to try the adventure again. Let’s just wait for the good news…

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