Renault Espace is not dead! the sixth generation will be revealed next spring

Widely known in France and around the world, the Espace name quickly became clear as the sixth generation of Renault’s new large 5 and 7-seater SUV.

With each generation, Espace has evolved with the times to better meet customer expectations and adapt to the times.

Now it opens a new chapter where it will bring the renewal of the Renault brand while remaining faithful and consistent with previous generations: comfortable, innovative and top of the range.

Based on Alliance’s CMF-CD platform, the New Espace can accommodate up to 7 passengers in a cabin designed for long journeys.

The new Renault Espace will have its world premiere in the spring of 2023.

A look back at 40 years of an iconic name: Renault Espace!

In 1983, Renault unveiled what could be considered the first car that ever came to life. It has a new emblematic name, now anchored in the history of Renault names: Space. Forty years later, the upcoming sixth generation of this model still embodies the same concept whose main pillars are comfort, generosity and top-of-the-range equipment. Traveling aboard Espace is always a special experience, unparalleled. Why? Because every generation, the car knows adapt to the times without denying its DNA as a great traveler.

Espace is a name widely known in France and around the world. It has almost become a common term now.

SYLVIA DOS SANTOS, Name Manager, Renault

1983: Espace I, “the road to change”

In 1983, Renault turned the European automotive landscape upside down with the revelation of the first large family MPV. To name it “ORNI” (unknown rolling object), Renault marked a break with its strategy of alphanumeric names used at the time. The name “Space” was chosen. “From a semantic point of view, Space is a very interesting word because its translation is close to many languages, making it easy to understand by the greatest number” explained Sylvia dos Santos. “Its sound is soft, its phonetics are harmonious and it immediately brings comfort, enriched life on board and technologies” he refers.

The advertising slogan of the time, “Renault Espace, the road to innovation” refers to its unprecedented one-piece form which reminds of the first TGV, born a little before him. Marketed in 1984, the Renault Espace is a vehicle like no other.

The modularity is exceptional : the seats are interchangeable, removable. The two front seats rotate to “make a living room”, the five rear seats are removable to offer a large loading capacity… Unheard of!

Thanks for a large glass surface, the interior light makes the passenger compartment more spacious and comfortable. With road handling comparable to that of a saloon and Renault’s most powerful engine, the Espace is positioned as the top-of-the-range family traveler.

All these innovative features will be the DNA of Renault Espace for generations. Innovative and a source of success, they contribute to the power of the Espace name around the world.

1991: Espace II, “we’ve never been as comfortable on Earth as we are in Space”

The Renault Espace becomes a phenomenon of the social car. Enthusiasm for this concept car is exponential. The name is gaining popularity as this second generation grows older.

On the outside, the round shapes and the mirrors designed in accordance with the top of the bonnet take care of aerodynamics. The passenger compartment is enhanced with a refined presentation and finish. New internal storage appears.

The Renault Espace has risen to top of the Renault range with the appearance of the all-wheel-drive (visco-drive) “Quadra” version and a V6 engine (2.8 l PRV V6 engine of 153 horsepower) under the bonnet.

The immediate evocations of comfort and tranquility of the word Espace are perfect for enhancing the quality of life on board enriched by Renault Espace. This interconnectedness was the source of inspiration for the advertising slogan of the time “we’ve never been as good on Earth as we are in Space”.

1996: Espace III, “what if the ultimate luxury was Space”

Still segment leader that he created, so popular, the Renault Espace became almost a generic name. Two bodies were available: a 5-seater version and another 7-seater “Grand Espace” which was 27 cm longer.

Made in-house, the gently curvaceous design of this generation is echoed in the modern interior presentation : the meter moves to the central part and uses LCD technology, the heating / air conditioning modules are installed on each side of the vehicle. The dashboard is completely uncluttered.

In 1997, the advertising slogan “what if true luxury was space” was still based on references to the name Espace to describe high-end positioning of Renault Espace with the Initiale finish covering the interior with leather and noble materials. Growing stronger, the name Espace is enriched with meaning and emotion.

2002: Espace IV, the last minivan

Wider tracks and increased exterior dimensions… Under the exterior design with sharp lines, the fourth generation remains always the benchmark minivan. Two versions are still available, 5 and 7 seater Grand Espace. The name Espace perfectly suits this family car equipped with best residence on the market.

In its most luxurious “Initiale Paris” finish, equipped with a 2.16m² glazed roof, the Espace is a true ” rolling living room ” and one friendly space with unparalleled comfort. The Espace name enjoys strong references.

Espace V in 2015: “the time is yours”

Revealed at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, this new generation adapts to the evolution of ” live together “. The advertising slogan “time is yours” was accompanied by one’s marketing that changed to ” crossover ” according to the law 7 seats. Each passenger has their own space. The equipment gives pride of place to technology : touchscreen tablet, MULTI-SENSE setting, 4CONTROL 4-wheel steering.

After a 30-year career, Espace continues to evolve and change. True to its DNA, to its historical characteristics, to family car vocation and in evocations of his name, there is always Space.

Espace VI, “the new big SUV to live in”

In its time, the New Renault Espace was a Family and legal SUV, 5 and 7 seats. It opens a new chapter where it will carry the genes of Renault’s brand renewal, while remaining faithful and consistent with previous generations: comfortable, innovative and top of the range. Across the board, the references the name Espace evokes are more topical than ever. New Space is always the perfect vehicle for long trips.

In the tradition of family cars for living, the Renault Espace has always had a special place. That of the family model with up to 7 seats whose comfort, accommodation, top-of-the-range equipment and driving characteristics are always a reference. The Renault Espace shows that innovation in every generation, which is constantly evolving and for the concrete benefit of customers brings longevity. It lives up to its name so well that the Space saga continues!

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