Sandrine Treiner resigned from the management of France Culture

After eight years at the head of the radio channel, Sandrine Treiner left her post, undermined by accusations of “brutal” management.


Sandrine Treiner, director of France Culture for eight years, has resigned from her position. (pictured)
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“Vdictatorial verticality”, “policy of generalized denigration”, “creation of insecurity”… Sandrine Treiner has been in trouble since the publication this fall of a survey by Release criticizes his methods of managing the Culture of France, based on many important anonymous testimonies. He finally announced his resignation on Tuesday, January 24, at the end of an eight-year reign that helped raise the station to record audience levels. “For our collective and for the French Culture that I love so much, I want to close this difficult moment”, the leader wrote in a letter to his colleagues.

“This is why, in agreement with the general management, I decided to leave the management of French Culture”, added Sandrine Treiner, without waiting for the results of an expertise commissioned from an independent management company of Radio France. , scheduled for late January or early February.

Contacted by AFP, the management of the Round House refused to comment on this departure in the absence of the conclusions of the investigation and specified that the president of the Radio France group, Sibyle Veil, will speak as soon as possible time to employees of France. Culture.


Having worked for Le Monde, France 3 or even France 24, Sandrine Treiner joined France Culture as a columnist for literature and cinema in 2010, before taking over as head in 2015. Since then, the station has continued “to cover the listeners, to double the number”, he argued in his letter. According to Médiamétrie, France Culture attracted 1.7 million daily listeners in November-December 2022 (+25,000 in one year), for a combined audience of 3.1%, compared to 2% in the same period in 2015, at the beginning of Sandrine Treiner’s mandate. Proof of the success of its digital shift, during the 2021-2022 season, the station is the second most podcast radio behind France Inter.

But inside, the atmosphere is not happy. In its investigation, Liberation pointed to the “despotism of Sandrine Treiner” and the “permanent climate of insecurity and arbitrariness” described by “most of the collected testimonies”. The newspaper then cited four reports “for moral harassment” since the beginning of 2022.

Two days after the article was published, Sibyle Veil supported Sandrine Treiner in an internal email to employees, which was quoted by the daily. He recalled that “no reality of moral harassment” was then “established”. However, he recognized the presence of a “malaise” and announced the establishment of a “diagnosis and listening device”.

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“Everything is more dangerous for women”

A source working in France Culture confirms to AFP “relatively abrupt procedures”, “a great concentration of powers” and the presence of a bad climate. In general, he denounces the “”indecisiveness”” of his colleagues, who promote “self-censorship” and prevent working “quietly”. , more talkative, louder than others,” said this source, who wished to remain anonymous.

In her letter to her troops on Tuesday, Sandrine Treiner admitted “disagreements”. “I take full responsibility for this,” he said. “Everything is more dangerous for women. I myself have paid the price in the past. For women who are in charge, in a certain way”, she believes, referring to “proper social representations (…) that sometimes unfortunately we help maintain”.

A “new impetus” is needed, added the resigner. “The team in place is solid,” he judged, quoting Florian Delorme, appointed program delegate for French Culture in October. He succeeded Jean Beghin, a leader who was also criticized and retired. “We have worked together since the fall, with the entire management committee, to improve many points on the topics with a shared analysis and recover the silence,” wrote Sandrine Treiner.

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