the measured and compared numbers of 6 engines available in 2023

For almost three years, the stature of Dacia Sandero has changed. Rather nice to look at and drive and equipped with everything a modern car needs, it even has the luxury of a wide choice of engines. We’ve quantified them all in detail to help you find your happiness.

You can’t go wrong when choosing a Dacia Sandero. Since the arrival of the third generation, the Romanian city car is no longer a cheap car at all. Built on an architecture very close to the current Renault Clio, it just lacks some good manners – soundproofing, slightly longer seats… – to match the references, but it is forgiven for its price. unparalleled. Now it remains to choose the right machine from a catalog that is not yet complete. From a 3-cylinder 1.0 block, the Sandero actually rejected 6 different versions from 65 to 110 hp. Therefore, it is not easy to find the one that suits you best. To help you see more clearly, we analyzed and summarized all consumption and performance figures.

Choices to make

Before detailing the numbers, here are a few additional comments. Starting with SCe 65 hp. This entry-level engine, with logically modest performance, should only hold your attention if you’re driving around town.. Because when he comes to a stretch of road, without danger, he gets caught.

At the other end of the chain, the TCe 110, which arrived recently, is only available with Stepway bodywork and only available with a manual gearbox. On this topic, it should be noted that since the arrival of the Dacia Sandero 3, the “Stepway” is no longer a finish but a unique bodywork raised a few centimeters compared to the standard version and equipped with specific side skirts as standard. . Higher than the standard version, the Dacia Sandero Stepway therefore also deserves to undergo our measurement protocol to see the influence of ground clearance on consumption.

The facelifted Dacia Sandero 3 bears a new brand identity.© Alex Krassovsky

Between these two extremes, there are two relatively close powers: 90 hp and 100 hp. If it is still the same as the 3-cylinder turbo and the numbers are therefore quite close, the difference mainly comes from compatibility, or not, with LPG. The ECO-G 100 accepts lead-free and LPG while the TCe 90 only accepts lead-free. On the other hand, only the TCe 90 leaves the choice between a mechanical box or an automatic box.

All Dacia Sandero verified numbers

Measure Dacia Sandero SCe 65 Dacia Sandero Tce 90 Dacia Sandero Tce 90 CVT Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Stepway Dacia Sandero Tce 110 Stepway
Measure0 to 100 km/h Dacia Sandero SCe 6516.5 sec Dacia Sandero Tce 9012.4s Dacia Sandero Tce 90 CVT13.6s Dacia Sandero ECO-10012.7s Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Stepway Dacia Sandero Tce 110 Stepway11.5 sec
Measure80 to 120 km/h in 4th gear Dacia Sandero SCe 6514.9s Dacia Sandero Tce 909.4s Dacia Sandero Tce 90 CVT11s (on Drive) Dacia Sandero ECO-1009.4s Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Stepway10.6 Dacia Sandero Tce 110 Stepway7.8s
MeasureCity consumption Dacia Sandero SCe 656.4L/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 906.3l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 90 CVT7.4l/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-1006.3l/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Stepway6.7l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 110 Stepway6.3l/100km
Measureroad consumption Dacia Sandero SCe 656.3l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 906.5l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 90 CVT8.3l/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-1006.4L/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Stepway7.3l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 110 Stepway6.9l/100km
MeasureFreeway consumption Dacia Sandero SCe 657.3l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 907.5l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 90 CVT8.6L/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-1007.2l/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Stepway8.3l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 110 Stepway7.9l/100km
MeasureAverage consumption Dacia Sandero SCe 656.5l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 906.6L/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 90 CVT7.6L/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-1006.5l/100km Dacia Sandero ECO-100 Stepway7.3l/100km Dacia Sandero Tce 110 Stepway6.9l/100km

The versions we recommend

If you really need an automatic transmission, the choice is quickly made. On the other hand, for all skeptics, we recommend you the variant ECO-G 100 without detours. If it imposes to make a cross on the spare tire, the LPG tank takes over the latter, it offers XXL autonomy because it combines fuel and gas tanks. Furthermore, only the mechanics manage the transition from one to the other with a systematic preference for LPG while there is some in the tank, allowing you to ride for a lower hit than unleaded.

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