“When is real life? » asked the impatient teenager Antigone in the voice of Claire Renaud

Anne-So “Echos de Mots”, blogger, bookstagramer and contributor to the 20 Minutes Books reading group, recommends “When is real life? by Claire Renaud, published on January 4, 2023 by Éditions Sarbacane.

His favorite quote:

In fact, if I take a closer look at my life, I don’t find it so sad. And even, quite full. I pasted feminist slogans. I jumped high. My grandmother could open a restaurant. I have two true friends. I like to dance like a tiger. I have two dear brothers. I can humble myself and overcome this. I have a moon father and a mother who need to stock up. I have a tundra head. Here is. It’s not bad. It is even a lot.

Why this book?

  • because When is real life? is a brilliant juvenile novel, led by modern heroes who enter adolescence and negotiate between important principles they try to apply in their lives, in their first love, in their relationship with their bodies, in their studies or even in their Family problem. Just like a novel A missing girl is… a missing girlby the same author and in the same collection in Sarbacane editions, we have an interesting novel in which we immerse ourselves in pleasure.
  • Because the author, Claire Renaud, knows how to describe perfectly issues that inhabit the daily lives of many young women today. On the one hand, there are timeless themes such as love, friendship or self-relationships that never grow old. On the other hand, our heroine with a Greek name (Antigone) is completely anchored in her time both in her way of facing life and in her relationship with her family and in her feminist opinions that she asserts through of collages in Paris. .
  • Because this novel is just right and finds the perfect balance between humor and situations everywhere and painful feelings highlighted in a soft and not ridiculous way by a heroine who is nevertheless often dramatic and dramatic. The unwavering support of her good friends who also learn a lot about themselves and her siblings despite the unexpected family storm will bring great strength to our heroine, who is passionate about medicine who wants to honor her name
  • Because in other words, unity, feminism, sorority, emancipation, friendship and love are the key words of this period novel that offers real moments of humor and sweetness to its readers. The reader witnesses the important transition the heroine goes through, stumbling from childhood to adolescence and preparing the ground for her life as an independent woman. A small day containing 216 pages of moods and humor.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. Antigone wants to take charge of her life in this 4th year and specifically be a committed feminist or be invited to parties. But he also has to deal with unexpected events such as a devastating love at first sight or a mother on the verge of explosion. Fortunately, Nina and Camille were by his side.

Staff. Thirteen-year-old Antigone is a refreshing and contemporary heroine. Feminist but ready for anything for a man. Drama queen with the tendencies of a Greek tragic actress but realistic and brilliant. Emotional but strong.

Places. Our heroes live and study in Paris.

The time. The novel takes place in the present day.

Author. Claire Renaud is a French novelist. After studying philosophy, he moved into the publishing world and became an editor at Fleurus.

Read this book with delight of Anne-So Echos de Mots, blogger specializing in children’s and teenage literature. “For me, reading can be a personal pleasure where a person runs to hide as an excuse to discuss and meet other readers. I am a lover of words who is always interested in new discoveries . »

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