In Belgium, deposit limits for online gambling are increased to €200 per week

The internet offers many opportunities for relaxing activities, whether it’s watching TV shows or streaming podcasts. Reading blogs or playing video games are also popular activities. When it comes to the most popular activities, online games top the list with people around the world preferring them over other options.

For adults, online games are often a good choice, as they provide entertainment and excitement. Today, there are many variations of online games, with hundreds of games available in Europe, America and other continents. However, the rules imposed by the competent authorities are becoming stricter over time.

Deposit limits appear on European online platforms

In some countries, national authorities plan to impose limits on gambling deposit amounts, which means that people can only gamble a limited amount of money at a given time.

In the UK there are plans to limit the maximum bet for all online casinos, while in Belgium it has already become a reality. From October 20 this year, the CJH, or Commission des jeux de risque (French name for the Belgian Gaming Commission) decided to limit deposits to 200 euros per week and per site.

The royal decree mentions that players who wish to have a lower limit can do so, while also recommending players not to spend more than 5% of their income on such activities.

Spending limits for online gambling are not new in Belgium, as they have existed in the past. Before the Royal Decree imposed a maximum spending limit of 200 euros, previous regulations mentioned a higher limit of 500 euros.

How might these spending limits affect players?

Many people argue that spending limits are unfair for everyone. According to these people, these limits make no sense. For some, the solution is to return to traditional (physical) casinos, even if they do not offer the same advantages as online gaming platforms.

These new spending limits and strict regulations may lead players to turn to the black market to gamble online. Nowadays, there are many online casinos in the market. However, not all operate legally and comply with national and local laws.

In fact, many illegal online casinos offer services without spending limits or other measures to protect players against fraud or addiction. Many fear that more and more regular players will turn to such options in the future.

Since the spending limit imposed by the Belgian authorities is per week and per site, this also means that customers can create several accounts on different platforms to spend more than 200 euros per week. This measure may increase competition between different online casinos. The latter may need to use certain commercial means to make passing customers truly regular on their platform.

Gamblers can use bonuses to their advantage

Gambling enthusiasts will still find a way around the new provisions. Fortunately, online gambling sites often offer new players no deposit rewards to encourage them to return to their platform as often as possible.

Bonuses granted by legal online casinos are not a scam, but a promotion that benefits the casino and the players. Often, online casino platforms offer bonuses to new players to introduce them to their services and convince them to explore them. There are also bonuses reserved for regular customers, which are often a way of rewarding loyalty.

With the new Belgian market regulations, no reward deposits and other types of bonuses can become more common, mainly to satisfy customers who want to spend more than 200 euros per week.

Gambling has always been a favorite activity for those who like to spend their free time indulging in fun and exciting activities. Our times have brought many options when it comes to gambling, from traditional casinos to online platforms.

Of course, to ensure fairness and protect players and businesses from fraudulent activity and other threats, local and state authorities have imposed a set of rules for all online gambling activities.

Recently, the Belgian authorities decided to set a limit on deposits in online casinos across the country. While this measure is seen as a way of protecting gamblers from gambling addiction, many fear it will encourage customers to turn to the black market. Only time will tell what exact impact this proposal will have on casinos and players.

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